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The First Crusade was not the first Holy War undertaken by the Christians, but perhaps the most famous. For its leaders, the First Crusade had three real objectives: to defeat the Muslims in the Holy Land, to kill or convert Jews wherever they were found, in Europe or elsewhere, and to enrich themselves by whatever means possible. Godfrey of Bouillon swore "to go on this journey only after avenging the blood of the crucified one by shedding Jewish blood and completely eradicating any trace of those bearing the name 'Jew,' thus assuaging his own burning wrath." Some of the earliest battles of the First Crusade occurred within Europe, as separate groups began rampaging against Jews and anyone else unable to stand in their way.

Beginning in Saxony, the crusade of the priest Folkmar persecuted Jews in Magdeburg and later, Prague. Folkmar and his Saxons were wiped out by the Hungarians after they began pillaging villages in Hungary.

The monk Gottschalk led a crusade from the Rhineland and Lorraine into Hungary, occasionally attacking Jewish communities along the way. In late June 1096, his crusader mob was welcomed by King Coloman of Hungary, but they soon began plundering the countryside and causing drunken disorder. Once their weapons had been removed, the enraged Hungarians attacked and destroyed the entire army.

Not all the Christian leaders supported the attacks on the Jews. Catholic bishops frequently spoke out against forced conversions, and Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV moved to protect the Jews.

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Q: What was the first holy war that Christians undertook during the crusades?
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Who won the crusades the Christians or Muslims?

The Muslims lost the first crusades, but won in the last eight.

Who orchestrated the battles during the Crusades?

Pope Urban II was the first to orchestrate the battle of the Crusades. This began in 1095 when the Christians went to war with the Muslims at the urging of the Pope.

Who were disadvantaged in the crusades?

The question is a little ambiguous. During the crusades many were disadvantaged due to the era. However if you are asking what side, christians or muslims, were disadvantaged I would say that christians were largely disadvantaged. Both sides committed atrocities but many people only demonize christians. That and only the first crusade was successful.

When did Europe first meet the damascus steel?

We may presume that the first encounter of the Europeans with the damascus steel was during the crusades where christians and Muslims faught for the control of the Holy Land.

Which of the Crusades proved to be the most successfulin the Holy Land for the Christians?

the first crusade.

Why did the Crusades happen?

The Crusades were started because the the Muslims, Christians, and Jews all share the Holy Land of Israel, and the first crusade occured because the Christians were trying to recapture the holy land.

Why were the Christians in the Crusades?

The pope wanted to take back land that the Christians believed was sacred to them (Jerusalem). The first crusade worked well because of the element of surprise, but the Muslims won the following 7 crusades.

How were the crusades successful?

For the Christians, only the First Crusade was successful, as they managed to claim the holy Land. However, this was soon reclaimed by the Muslims and the next six-seven Crusades were the christians trying to, unsuccessfully, claim back the land.

Where were the Christians trying to gain control of during the crusades?

In the first crusade they fought over and through Jerusalem. After capturing it from the Muslims, the crusaders established some counties and other minor areas.

What were the crusades a fight for?

The first crusade started because the Christians wanted to regain the holy land of Jerusalem from the Muslims.

What effect did the crusades and the Christians conquest of Spain have on the way Muslims and Christians thought about each other?

First you have to get the question right... It should read the Muslim conquest of Spain.

Why did crusades begin?

The crusades began in Europe. Pope Urban the 2nd called it, because the Muslims had banned the Christians for entering or visiting Jerusalem the holy land. The Crusades were a series of wars, but the first 4 were called my the church. The rest of them weren't.

Describe the crusades and why they occured?

The first crusade was the first of a number of crusades that took place to capture ... "Christians, hasten to help your brothers in the East, for they are being attacked. ... through Italy, then Eastern Europe and then through what is now Turkey.The Crusades happened when the Muslims had taken the holy city of Jerusalem.

Who won the crusades the most in all of the crusades?

The Crusades was won by the Muslims. This is because as their were a total of 7 crusades, 6 were "won" by the Muslims. The first crusade involved christians taking over jerusalem, and killing all other civlians. The next involved Salahudin taking back the Holy Land , and then holding it and defending against 7 more crusades

What was first the crusades or the renaissance?

The crusades came first.

How successful were the crusades during 1050?

Not very successful. Only the first crusades came close to achieving their goals, but sadly the others didn't.

What was the main 2 reason for the crusades?

The 2 Reasons why the crusades started:The first reason that the crusades started was that the Christians wanted to regain power over Jerusalem because the Turks wasn't allowing Christians to enter the city; and because Jerusalem was the Holy City to Christians, Muslims and Jews there was a lot of conflict between the three Religions. The second reason that the crusades started was that the Christians wanted people to change religions (EXAMPLE: Christians wanted Muslims to turn to Christians)so that that the Pope (the leader of the Christians churches) could basically gain power/ control.I hope this has helped you with this question.

What is cruseds?

I presume you mean The Crusades. The Crusades were Holy Wars in the 11th to 13th centuries waged by Christians from western Europe to regain the holy city of Jerusalem from the Muslims. The First Crusade succeded, but Jerusalem was subsequently regained by the Muslims, and the later Crusades failed to regain it.

Who launched the crusades?

Christians or the Roman Catholic Europeans because they wanted the "Holy Lands" back from the Muslims but it never belonged to them in the first place

Who shared Jerusalem with the crusades?

This question makes no sense. If you intend to ask, "Who controlled Jerusalem during the Crusades?" the answer would be Moslems for the majority of the time with a Christian interlude between the First and Second Crusades.

Why pope urban was so important during crusades?

he was first crusades forchristianity people

The result of the first crusades was?

the crusades were too week to fight

Where the crusades successful in accomplishing their crusades?

Only in the first crusade.

What is a holy war to regain lands sacred to Christians?

That would be a Crusade. The first crusade occurred in 1095 or so and there were crusades over the next 200 years.

What issue led to the crusade?

The crusades began when the Muslims stole the holy land of the Christians, Jerusalem. 3 main crusades were held to gain back the land. The christians had advance technologies and won the first crusade, but the Muslims quickly advanced their technologies to match those of the Christians and ended up loosing nothing. Slowly, however, the Muslim's declining society caused the Christians to slowly chip away at their land, until they once again were able to regain Jerusalem and a few other cities.