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bacteria was the first life form on earth.

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What was the name of the thing that first lived on earth?

Bacteria are believed to be the first life form on Earth.

What was first life on earth?

Life is defined by the ability to metabolise, grow and most importantly to procreate or multiply. Supposedly, the first life on earth came in the form of coacervates.

What is the first living life form on earth?

The first forms of life on Earth were most likely very similar to bacteria or other prokaryotic organisms.

What was the first life form to exist on earth?

Well, right now nobody's completely sure exactly what the first organism is. But we do know that the first organisms on earth were microorganisms (germs), which all eventually started evolving into multicellular organisms and got more diverse.

Which supports life is transmitted to Earth in the form of?

The sun's energy, which supports life, is transmitted to Earth in the form of?

Simplest form of life on earth?

the simplest form of life known is moneran..

What life formed first after the big bang?

After the big bang, the first life to form on Earth was small prokaryotic cells in the primordial ooze of early Earth. We don't really know. The only life forms we know are those on Earth, but whether something else out there formed first who can tell? Either way, it was millions and millions of years after the big bang that life formed on Earth.

When did marine plant and animal life form?

When God first made the earth [Genesis chapter 1]

Are insects the most numerous life form on earth?

No. (See related question below, "What is the most abundant form of life on Earth?").

What was the first period of life on earth?

The Archean Eon is the period in which the first life on Earth appeared.

What was the first organized form of life?

The first organized form of life is a tiny protozoa.

The time in which life first evolved on Earth was the?

eff the time in wich life first evolved on earth!!

What do fossil show as the first life on earth?

Anaerobic bacteria are shown by fossils to be the first life on Earth.

How did germs first form?

At the same time life began on Earth billions of years ago is when germs formed.

Do you think the moon contains life in any form?

It is reported that our moon, Luna, contains H2O, or water. Life here on Earth first came from bodies of water, because it can support delicate forms of life. Therefore, the moon may contain life in form of microorganisms just like here on Earth...

When did ice first form on earth?

Ice first formed on Earth from the first ice age.

What was earth's first life form?

Earths first life form may be non photosynthetic bacteria.

Where aliens come on the Earth?

There are no aliens known to exist, in real life. Sorry. Someone has to be the first form of intelligent life in the universe, and it might well be us.

Why cyanobacteria were important to the development of life on Earth?

Because they were the first steps to life on earth

Why is earth the perfect planet for life?

Because the Earth was here first and life adapted to it.

What was the first life on earth?

Chemoautotrophs were the first life on this earth. Chemoautotrophs were small living organisms that were considered to be simple cells.

The most poisonous life form on earth?


What was The earliest form of life on Earth?

The earlest is in1820

What is the dominant life form on earth?


What was the earliest form of multicelluar life on earth?