What was the first man-made object in space?

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The first orbiting object was the Soviet satellite Sputnik launched in 1957.
If "to be in space" doesn't mean to orbit (which can be disputed) then probably the first man made object to reach space was V2 rocket launched in 1944 to an altitude of 176 kilometers well beyond the 100 km altitude generally considered, but still disputed, to be the border of space.

Correction: The first "Man made object in space" by all official records is the German V2 Rocket test number V-4 made on 3 October 1942. (see links) In addition....
Note: NASA has determined that at 122 km, the Space Shuttle transitions from rocket booster control to guidance by aerodynamic control surfaces. The V2 was clearly higher, but you make the call.

And our late arrival takes the cake. But it may not be true. During an early underground nuclear test (post V2 but pre Sputnik), a steel manhole cover (or steel plate) was launched into space and possibly out of the solar system. The high speed photographs of the blast allowed the calculation of the speed of the "missile" to be determined. And it appeared to launch with several times the necessary velocity to leave earth orbit. In addition, it was pointed "away" from the sun enough for it to leave solar orbit.

With the web being what it is, urban legend has taken on monster proportions, but it is believed by some that the Smithsonian may hold the keys to this issue. "The Nation's Attic" has a lifetime's (or several) worth of old records, and this story persists.
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There are literally thousands of man made objects in space, such as parts of old space rockets sent up by Russia, China, Europe and the USA etc, lots of military and civilian

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Where in space, and how powerful a telescope are you using? There's an urban legend that you can see the Great Wall of China with the naked eye from the Moon. You can't, not

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The first manmade object known to have been placed in Earth orbit was Sputnik 1 - a Soviet satellite. However, the first manmade objects to enter space sub-orbitally were argu

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A V-2 rocket on 3rd October 1942 was lauched by the Germans during test flights in the second world war. This was thought to be the first object sent into sub-orbital space.

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The first object found in space by the human eye was obviously the sun, some Millions years ago when humanity first looked up at the sky. And by telescope? Ganymede, the large

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On October 10, 1946, a V-2 rocket that had been captured from the Nazis by the United States, was fired. It rose 107 miles into space. Where "space" starts varies depending wh

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1st - A German V2 Rocket (october 10th 1946) CONFIRMED 2nd - Sputnik 1 (october 4th 1957) CONFIRMED, there are also many more which MAY have reached space but can not be c
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Why was the first man made object sent into space?

The first objects in space (going by the Karman line definition of outer space, being at 100km altitude from sea level) were the German V-2 rockets during WWII. Their purpose