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Q: What was the first milkshake falvior?
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What should the first ingredient be in a milkshake?


Who made the first milkshake?

a dude name rolan

If you have a milkshake and i have a milkshake who drank George's milkshake?

George did!

How do you say milkshake in french?

milkshake !

Is a milkshake a gas or not?

A milkshake is a liquid.

What is a milkshake called in England?

A milkshake!

What is the french word for milkshake?

Un milkshake a la fraise = Strawberry milkshake

Do you need ice cream to make milkshake?

Yes, you do need ice cream to make a milkshake. You have to blend the ice cream first though

What is the past participle of order?

ordered; I ordered a chocolate milkshake. You ordered a chocolate milkshake. He ordered a chocolate milkshake. We ordered a chocolate milkshake. They ordered a chocolate milkshake.

How much did the first Mcdonalds milkshake cost?

The first milkshake price of the 1955 Des Plaines IL location was 20 cents. Flavors offered were chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. This was the first recorded price in the franchise.

What is the difference in a chocolate milkshake and a chocolate malted milkshake?

a chocolate malted milkshake has malt

Where do you get milkshake?

A milkshake is made of milk and sugar and sometimes contains ice cream. You can get many different types of flavourings of milkshakes such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. To get milkshake all you have to do is find some milk first and then make it from there, as that is the prime ingredient.

How would a milkshake be digested?

how would the milkshake be digested

How many calories are in an oreo milkshake?

there arw 655 in this milkshake

Is there a milkshake called malania?

No, we cannot say milkshake as manalia.

What is another name for a milkshake?

Malt is another word for a milkshake.

How do you email milkshake the kids program?

Is milkshake homogeneous or heterogeneous mixtures?

Milkshake is a heterogeneous mixture.

How many calories are in a shamrock milkshake?

550 calories will be in a shamrock milkshake.

What is a milkshake?

well a milkshake is a mixture of cream ,milk and ice cream with flavouring

What is better milkshake or smoothie?

Milkshake taste way better, but smoothies are healthier for you!

Is making a milkshake a chemical or physical change?

physical cause its still a milkshake

How many words in the word milkshake?

There are a total of 203 words in the word "milkshake"...

How do you make a jaffa milkshake?

Get some Jaffa Milkshake flavoring from New Zealand.

How do you say fruit milkshake in Spanish?

fruit milkshake= batido de fruta