What was the first movie made in California?


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In Old California A silent movie

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The movie 2012 was made in California.

what was the first holly wood movie ever made?A: In Old California (1910)Refer the link:

" In old California" was the first Hollywood movie

The movie 2012 was made in the year 2010 in Hollywood California.

They made the movie 2012 just to scared people.

The first movie Disney made was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937 and the first movie PIXAR made was Toy Story in 1995. But if you're asking if it is the first movie they made together, then yes, it was the first movie they made.

a race-horse owned by the governer of California

There are thousands of films made in California each year. Films are made on location in different cities in California and also at movie studio lots.

Her first movie was King Of California and she was a picky McDonald's customer.

California, they were made by surf boarders for 'street surfing'. I'm not sure where in ca they first made them. if you don't wanna do a lot of researching a semi-fictional movie Lords of Dogtown will fill you in about skateboarding and its origins.

The first movie Walt Disney made was Snow White.

The first silent movie made was, "The Great Train Robbery", made in 1903.

The first movie ,"Rounday Garden Scene", was made in 1888.

Eadweard Muybridge made the first "movie" in 1878. And no, he wasn't from or in Bangladesh.

It was a historical documentary called 'In Old California' made in 1910, and financed by film entrepreneur J.W.Griffith- the first Hollywood studio was set up in a disused pub!

The first large find in California was made in the 1890s

" The Simple LIfe of Noah Deerborn" in 1999 was the first made for tv movie

The first silent movie made was, "The Great Train Robbery", made in 1903.

The first Japanese movie using film and a camera was made in late 1897.

The first twilight movie was made in 2008.

"Tremors" (1990) was filmed at: Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California Olancha, California

The first movie was made in 1981. The second one was made in 2002.

The first skateboard was made in California.

Nestarafu this was a vampitre movie made in 1927

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