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What was the first plant?

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That is a good question. Plants evolved from the charophycean lineage of green algae. Most likely the first plants were liverworts or mosses.

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What was the first aquatic plant?

The first aquatic plant, in fact, the first plant of all, is the blue-green algae.

Where on poptropica is the sequence 312?

first you jump to the last plant then the first plant then the last plant

How is the first plant?

How is the first plant? Surely, long dead by now.

When was the first plant discovered?

The first plant was found in 1678 by Roberta hooke

What seeds do you plant to get dj quak?

Well first you have to plant a dragon fruit first then you have to plant a star blossom and then finally you have to plant a moon orchird

Who planted the first ever plant?

Steven Briand planted the first plant in 1862.

When was the first power plant built and where?

The first power plant was built in Bavarian in 1878

What is the first plant cell found?

First cell observed was a cork cell.So it was the first plant cell observed.

What is the sequence 312 in poptropica?

look for the plants hanging up and jump to the last plant then the first plant and last the first plant...

What is the first root of a young plant called?

The first root of a young plant is called the primaryroot.

Who planted the first peanut plant?

The first person to plant a peanut plant is Sheala McWilliams - Brigham and Alexis Wallen from Peoria, Arizona

Who was the first person to discover the plant cell?

Robert Hooke first studied a cork and noticed that it had cells, which were dead plant cells, but Matthias Schleiden was the first to call them plant cells.

If you grow 1 plant with soda and one plant with juice which plant would grow first?

the plant with jucie

What plant has two leaves when it first sprouts?

A dicotyledonous plant

Does a plant or animal start first in a food chain?

a plant

What is the first plant?

The first plant on Earth was an aquatic plant. This was because plants had not yet developed the thick and sturdy wall that holds them upright on land.

After planting flower seeds do you then cover them with soil to stop birds eating them?

plant then first plant then first

What was the first plant to grow on the world?

no definitive evidence exists to demonstrate a "first" plant, and as such it is impossible to answer this question.

What is the Date of the first nuclear power plant?

The first nuclear power plant ever built is in 1954

When was the first U.S. cheese plant build?

The first U.S. cheese plant was built in 1851

What was the First US power plant?

If you mean the first nuclear plant, this was at Shippingport, a small PWR, really a prototype.

What woul be the first plant to grow on abandoned farmland?

The first plant that would grow on an abandoned farmland is crabgrass.

Where and why India's first steel plant settled?

The first steel plant settled in tarapur in india [i dont no why] -nidhi.r

Does moss have xylem?

yes, because there is xylem in water and moss needs water to survive. moss was also the first plant in water. but it was the second plant on earth. green algae was the first plant on earth. green alage was also the first plant on land.

Who was the first to view a dead plant cell?

Robert Hooke was the first English scientist to view dead plant cells.

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