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Q: What was the first police dog of Canada?
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What are some famous monuments in Canada?

the natioal police dog monument

Why a police dog is better then a dog?

A police dog is a dog first and foremost. Picked for chertain characteristics in size and temperament, and then trained.

How do you become a police dog?

First, you have to become a dog. Then, you must be selected for training and monitoring.

Where was the first police dog squad set up and when?

The first dog squad of any Government agency was for the Railway protection Force which was set up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It was even before the Tamil Nadu police dog squad, which claims itself to be the first of its kind in India.

Who was the first country to have rcmp's?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are in Canada

Where did the North-West Mounted Police settle in Canada?

The NWMP didn't settle - they were a police force in the north west of Canada. They were sent out west to protect settlers and First Nations.and poo

What is a police dog?

A police dog is an ordinary dog (owned by the police force) and trained to do specific tasks that aid the police in performing their duties,

What is Canada's national dog breed?

I think it's the Labrador Retriever? Or perhaps the Newfoundland? Both dog breeds originate in Canada. Newfoundland came first.

Who would win a Pitbull or a Police Dog?

The pitbull has stronger jaws and have more muscles than a police dog, but a police dog is faster and smarter than a pitbull. In a dog fight, the pitbull might win the fight with the police dog.

What is a Patrol dog?

A police dog that is out on police patrol.

Where were Police dogs invented?

Hi. In 1888, the first police dog was used in England and I am just fascinated as to the first case to which a police dog was assigned. The London Metropolitan Police Force first used two bloodhounds to track suspects by their scent as part of the Jack the Ripper investigation. The Ripper was never caught, but the use of dogs as part of the Met continued.

Who formed Madras Police Dog Squad?

The creation of a dog squad is the idea of the first Indian IG of Police of Madras Presidency, Mr.T.G.Sanjeevi Pillai. He was instrumental in bringing the pups from London. In 1951, Madras Police Dog squad was formed. Madras police was the first to use sniffer dogs for detection and tracking. Madras became the pioneer in India after Independence to use dogs in the prevention and detection of crime. Ref: See Related Links

What happens if a police dog dies?

They get the Handler a new police dog

What subject do you need to be a police dog handler?

No special subject(s). You must first be able to qualify and be hired as a police officer. If chosen for canine duty, you will be trained along with your dog at a special training school.

What happens if you kill a police dog?

The police would arrest you and send you to jail for ten years or more because it is against the law to kill anybody, dog or human, that is involved in law enforcement.Killing or harming a police dog is a crime.A police dog is considered a police officer, despite not being human. Therefore by harming a police dog you are effectively harming a police officer in the eyes of the law.Police dogs are also very expensive to train and maintain. So not only would you be harming a police asset but you would also be angering the national treasury and taxpayers for wasting their money.Kicking or punching a police dog is a crime, unless the dog attacked for no reason, then it is self defence and acceptable. Otherwise you'll be jailed for harming the police dog.Killing a police dog, unless in self defence (except where the dog was set upon you by police) will also result in jail.

The name of Canada's national police force?

The national police force of Canada is the Mounties

What does a police horse do that police dog can't?

a police horse can be ridden and carry heavy amounts whereas a dog cannot. a dog also has a keener sense of smell :)

How does a police dog track animals?

The police dog tracks a criminal by scent.

Can a police dog sniff people?

Yes a police dog is allowed to sniff people

What kind of dog do police use?

The most recognizable police dog is the German shepherd.

Is there any difference between German shepherd and German police dog?

Well, a German Shepherd is a specific breed which most police use... But a German Police Dog can be a Springer, Lab, Rottweiler or Dobermanns are popular. There are many others but not really that popular. actually- you are correct, but let me improve the answer if i may: a gsd is a breed which are used as police dogs. A German Police Dog is any breed of dog or any dog(regardless of breed or mutt) that is used in Germany as a Police Dog.

What is the best police force in Canada?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the best Police Force in Canada since it is the largest Force of all.

What did the northwest mounted police do?

They mostly did normal police work, while protecting the First Nations and fighting against the advancements of the United States in taking over Canada.

What is Canada's national police force called?

Canada's national police force is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). They are known colloquially as 'the Mounties.'

Are German shepherds and police dogs the same dog?

"German Shepherd" is a breed of dog. "Police Dog" is a job description. German Shepherds are often used as Police dogs. They're also common as pets. And other breeds are also used as police dogs. No, police tend to use German shepards, but most breeds of dog can be a police dog. The Belgian Malinois is a very popular police dog.