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64 gto

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Q: What was the first positive traction car?
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When was positive traction invented?


Does a 2000 trans am have posi traction?

Yes, a 2000 Trans Am does have posi traction. If a car has posi traction, it means that the car has a limited slip differential. Posi traction is good to have when traveling in ice or mud.

Does a 1988 2.8 camaro have positive traction?

It was an option

Are you supposed to connect the positive first when wiring a system in your car?

Yes, you always connect positive first.

What is the function of a traction control light in a car?

To let the drive know that the traction control is on.

When enough force is applied to break traction the car?

Slides until traction is restored

What is low track?

If you are speaking of a car with traction control, it is the car letting you know the wheels are slipping and it has entered into traction control mode.

Car won't go without traction button on?

no. the car will go without a traction button. Most sport cars have it for racing!

Do any 1996 Chevy trucks have positive traction?

As far as the factory making every 96 truck with positive traction NO. Now There is alot of them that I'm sure was special ordered with it.

Is the rear end in a 92 caprice has positive traction?

It was an option

When was the first traction engine introduced?

The first traction engine was introduced in the 1850s. The first successful traction engine was developed after a series of experiments by Thomas Aveling in 1859.

How do you reduce traction?

Turn off the traction control on your car. There is usually a button on your car that will turn it off. If you cant find the button, it will show the location of the button in the manual of the car.

Why do car tyers have treads?

For better traction.

What is traction control in cars?

Traction Control ensures that there is enough traction i.e grip. If there will be too much power or a car might be on a frictionless smooth surface, the car might skid due to less traction and TC regulates power and ensures seemless driving

Does traction control of a car makes a car behave like a four wheel drive?

no.... traction control is where the vehicle will sense were its loosing its traction either the right driver side wheel or the back driver side wheel and it will reduce the torque to that wheel so it can gain traction again,

How do you disconnect the positive ternimal of my car battery?

First remove the Negative cable first, and then you can remove the positive cale safely. Al

Holden astra 1.8 traction control fuse?

my car after driving for 15 min traction light flashs

When jumping a car do you connect positive one first?

Yes connect the positive first to the positive battery post, and then connect the negative ground to the engine somewhere and not to the battery.

Does it hurt the car driving it with traction control off?

No, it does not

What does tc mean in Vauxhall car?

Traction Control ...

What car did Maigret drive?

citroen traction avant

What causes traction control light to come on?

your traction control light came on because either you turned off your traction control or your car needs brake fluid

What year ford van came standard with positive traction?

ford windstar

Did they make a positive traction rear differential for a 2000 crown vic?

It was an option.

What cause's the car to fish tail?

Loss of traction. The loss of traction can come from braking too quickly. Or accelerating to quickly