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The first ever skateboard was a soap box with the bottom of roller skates nailed to the bottom of the box

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Q: What was the first skateboard ever made?
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Who made the first skateboard brand?

benjamin franklin made the first skateboard if thats what you mean

When was the first skateboard made in?

it was made in the world

What was the first ever skateboard trick?

kick flip

Who made the first full flip on a skateboard?

i did it

Where was skateboarding created?

The first skateboard was made in California.

What was the first skate board?

Nobody really knows what the first skateboard was because a lot of people said that they made the first skateboard at the same time. At that time, there really was no "logo."

Who made the first skateboard park?

the first Skate park is located somewhere in California

Who made the first skateboard?

People say it is unknown,but I dont know.

Did you ever skateboard?


Who made the first ever scooter?

Who made the first ever scooter

What is a skateboard made out of?

A skateboard is made out of multiple layers of ply-wood. 7-Ply skateboard are the most common. The ply is usually made of maple.

Who invented skateboards and LEGO?

The answer? No one knows!! It's true! Many people have claimed that they made the first skateboard, but the truth is that we will probably never know who really made the first skateboard. Ole Kirk Christiansen and his son Godtfred Kirk invented lego. Lego first was a wood product. Then it turned into a plastic brick. It was made of cellulose in 1932.

What was the first detergent ever made?

the first detergent ever made was homericky they made it in the 1700'S.

Who built the first skateboard?

many people claim to have built the first skateboard but there is no proof of anyone building it first

Who made the first computer ever?

Charles Babbage made the first ever computer

What was the first cookie ever made?

The first cookie ever made was in the year of 1885

What is the first webkin ever made?

The Cheeky Dog was the first webkin ever made.

What was the first clock ever made?

The first clock ever made was a sundial. See related link.

What is the best skateboard ever?

brand? Powell

What is almost?

The Coolest Skateboard Brand ever

What is the first DS ever made?

the first ds ever made was a nintendo ds lite

What was the first pen ever made?

The Quill or Reed Pen was the first pens ever made

What was eminems first song ever made?

His First song ever made was Infinite. In 1995.

What were the first skateboard wheels made of?

The first skateboards were just a two by four nailed to roller blade trucks and they had roller blade wheels

Where did Thomas Redson invent the skateboard?

Thomas Redson made the skateboard in Hawaii