What was the first space shuttles that went into space in between 1960 to 2000?

The US Space Shuttle first flew in 1981 and continued in operation until 2011.

Prior to 1981 expendable space capsules were the preferred method of getting crews into space. Initially it was thought the Space Shuttle program would cut costs of space travel but it ultimately proved to be more expensive and more dangerous, taking the lives of 14 astronauts during its operational life. In comparison 7 astronauts/cosmonauts have died in capsules. The Soviet Union attempted to design a space shuttle but it never flew with a crew aboard. The USA has now reverted to a capsule design for its next space program.

Five Space Shuttles were built and flown in space:




Columbia (Destroyed during re-entry 2003)

Challenger (Destroyed during launch 1986)