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According the the Cinema Treasures webite, here are the oldest movie theatres on the southwest side that I know of and the year they opened: Marquette Theater - 1917 (at 63rd and Kedzie) Colony Theater - 1926 (at 59th and Kedzie) Brighton Theater - 1929 (in Brighton Park on Archer Ave.) Ramova Theater - 1929 (at 35th and Halsted)

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What music genre would you put West Side Story into?

West Side Story would be classified as 'theatre music' or 'musical theatre.'

How does the land on the east side of turquoise lake differ from the land on the southwest side of the lake?

The land on the Southwest side of Turquoise lake is green and fertile, while on the Eastern side it is rocky. To the West it is flat and to the North and Northeast it is very steep.

What side of Europe is Spain in?

Spain is in the southwest corner of Europe.

What is the film sleepover about?

it is when you sleep out side of a movie theatre or camp out

What is the bad side of a hurricane?

Normally the "bad" side of hurricaine is considered to be the west side or north west quadrant to be more specific. The bad or 'dirty' side of a hurricane is the northeastern side. Southwest side is the 'clean' side

Name three of the stages in the Globe Theatre?

Upper stageBack stage Side stage (left) Side stage (right)

What are the music genres in the west side story?

The music in West Side Story is classified as "theatre music" or "broadway music"

How many years did the original west side story play on Broadway?

West Side Story first opened on Broadway in September 26, 1957. The production ran for 732 performances at the Winter Garden Theatre before touring and then returning to the Winter Garden Theatre in 1960 for another 253 performance engagement. It ended in 1960. It was later revived in 2009.

Is Arizona on the east side or west side?

Arizona is in the southwest United States. It is bordered by New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, and Mexico.

Where is midway airport located?

Midway is located in the Chicago, Illinois area on the Southwest side of Chicago.

Where is the mountain range between China and Mongolia?

the southwest side of Mongolia but i don't know what it is called

How do you become a girl if your a boy on RuneScape?

The Make-Over Mage on the southwest side outside of Falador.

Why did the chicken cross to the other side?

To prove to the possum (or armadillo in the southwest US) that it could be done.

What are the 5 land areas around Antarctica?

they are the Queen Maud Land in the north side, Wikes Land in the east side, Victoria Land in the south side, Marie Byrd Land in southwest side, and Graham Land in the northwest side.

What country is directly the other side of the world to Cleveland?

The Indian Ocean, off the southwest coast of Australia.

Is Ivory Coast border Liberia on the East?

Cote d'Ivoire is bordered by Liberia on the southwest side of the country.

What is the country on the otheer side of the earth from mississauga?

The antipodes (other side of the Earth) from Mississauga is in the Indian ocean southwest of Australia, about midway between Australia and Antarctica

What are the release dates for Science Fiction Theatre - 1955 The Other Side of the Moon - 1.39?

Science Fiction Theatre - 1955 The Other Side of the Moon - 1.39 was released on: USA: 17 February 1956 Japan: 10 May 1957

What were the side doors used for on the globe theatre?

Side entrances led to towers where the audience could climb stairs to the second and third story seats.

Where Is New Mexico Located?

New Mexico is on the right side of Arizona. It is on the left side of Texas and right under Colorado. You can find it in the Southwest area of the United States.

Where is Mirror Lake found on the Ohio State University Campus?

Mirror Lake is located on the southwest side of the oval.

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