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At 12 years old he got an idea he wanted to walk across a pond near his home, so he came up with floats that fit on his feet. The day he tried out his invention he took off all of his clothing, put his invention on, and walked across the pond. His only mistake was to leave his clothes on the opposite shore.

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3 thing Benjamin Franklin invented?

Benjamin Franklin invented many things. Some of his inventions include the bifocals, lightening rod, and swimming fins. He also invented the odometer and the Franklin stove.

What was the first thing Benjamin Franklin invent?


What is one thing Benjamin Franklin invented?

One of the things Ben Franklin invented was the Franklin stove. Franklin is also credited with inventing the lightning rod, the glass harmonica, and bifocals.

Name one thing Benjamin Franklin if famous for?

Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 and died on January 6, 1705. Benjamin Franklin is remembered for many things; one of them is that he invented bifocals.

What was Benjamin Franklin best thing he ever invented?

Franklin Stove. It warmed houses in the 1700's and is still used today. Can't beat that.

What did benjimin Franklin first invent?

he invented many things. But the first thing is Congrass.

What are two thing that Benjamin Franklin helped start in Philadelphia?

one thing is: he started the first city hospital another thing is: he founded the first public library

What is one thing Benjamin Franklin is not famous for?

The pet rock.

What are the thing Benjamin Franklin accomplish after the war?

Become old

Did Benjamin Franklin made a kite with different thing?

o yeah ;)

What did Benjamin Franklin do for a living?

As a living Benjamin Franklin did so much, it isn't even possible to start discribing him! He was a printer,writer,leader,inventor,scientist, oh i can go on forever! He did this he did that. he did something in every catagory! Mason, he even invented the thing on top of your house! He invented that post thing on the roof, yup he invented the lightning post! Allright i got to get more information, check out more questions, the answers are probably mine anyway!

What is one thing Ben Franklin is famous for?

Benjamin Franklin is famous for beginning the study of lighting and that it is a discharge of electricity.

Who invited electricity?

Benjamin Franklin did u know with the kite and lightening thing.

What was one thing the Benjamin Franklin began in Philadelphia?

He began the Constitutional Convention.

Who said death and taxes are the only sure thing in life?

Benjamin Franklin.

How many things did Benjamin bradly invent?

Benjamin Bradly invented one thing which was the steam engine

Why did Benjamin Franklin think there was no such thing as a perfect constitution?

because he is the one who wrote the thing and he doesn't believe what he doesn't believe.

Who said the quote there is no such thing as a good war?

The quote "there is no such thing as a good war" originated from US President Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin idea on the Enlightenment?

The only thing I know is that he always wanted to use reason to improve the world,which is enlightenment.he also invented practical devices like the lightning rod, etc.

What special thing did john Adams Benjamin Franklin roger sherman?

draft the declaration of independence

What was the coolest thing Benjamin Franklin ever did?

Sit around and read! He was a very boring guy.

What was the first thing Isaac Newton invented?

the first thing he invented was infinetisemal calculus

Who wrote the famous quote only a fool does the same thing and expects different results?

Benjamin Franklin

What was the most notable thing Benjamin Franklin did?

He banged a lot of sexy women.......but don't worry 'bout it.

What is one thing Benjamin Franklin is responsible for?

Getting a Treaty of Alliance with the France during the Revolutionary War.