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  • WEAPON: an instrument used in combat for the purpose of killing, injuring, or defeating an enemy.
Most likely the very first weapon used was a stick. Then someone made a club, another sharpened a stick to invent the spear, and the nuclear arms race began. I bet it was a rock. I'll go with a rock. But by the time the US existed, I'm sure there was more modern stuff to kill with.
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Q: What was the first weapon ever used in America?
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What was the first weapon used?

A rock was probably the first weapon used

What was the 1st weapon ever made?

the first weapon ever made is called an atlatal. before it, there where sticks, and rocks. an atlatal is basically a lacrosse stick that is used to fire arrows.

Who were the first ones to use nuclear weapons in war?

The United States of America used the first nuclear weapon in war, when they bombed Japan.

How did Truman react to the USSR's deployment of an atom bomb?

The Soviets (Russians) never deployed their weapon. They tested their first A-Bomb in 1949. The US is the ONLY country that has ever deployed (used) the weapon.

In what war was chlorine gas first used as a weapon?

Invented by French chemist Claude Berthollet, chlorine gas was first used as a weapon by the military during the first World War in 1914. Chlorine gas was first used as a disarming weapon, and later as a fatal poison.

Have ICBMs ever been used in wars?

No. The only nuclear weapon used in a war was when America dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and then shortly after on Nagasaki, there have been many tests since however.

The chariot was first used as a weapon by?

The chariot was first used as a weapon by the Indo-Iranians from 1700 to 500 BCE. The chariot was built in eastern Europe.

How did broccoli get to America?

an english man had some the day before he went to america. once he got to america her had a big poo and used it as fertiliser and there we have the first ever broccoli in america.

Who first used the chariot as a weapon?


What was the first weapon used by Hittites?


Who first used the phrase' choose your weapon'?

It unknown who first used the phrase choose your weapon. The phrase us used quite often but the origins are not known. There just in not enough evidence for it.

What was the very first weapon used by the samurai?


Bushnell developed what secret weapon for American colonies during the American Revolution?

He invented the first submarine ever used in combat in 1775. It was called the Turtle.

Two weapons that were first used in World War I?

what was the first weapon used in world war 1

Was the guitar ever used as a weapon?

Of course! That's why it's called 'Death' Metal.

Best weapon used in world war 1?

the best weapon ever used in ww1 is the machine gun because it stabelized the front and cuased massive losses on both side

What is the likelihood of Iran using a first strike nuclear weapon on Israel?

The actual answer may surprise even you: ID 1667019371. If Iran ever used a nuclear weapon on any country, let alone Israel, Iran would be destroyed.

What new weapon was first used at the battle of the YPres?


When was the first nuclear weapon used?

1945 ending ww2

When was the term melee weapon first used in writing?

in 1974.

What was the element used in the first atomic bomb?

Plutonium was used in the Trinity test, Uranium in the first combat weapon.

When did the Chinese first use gunpowder as a weapon?

919 A.D. They first used it for cannons

What were the new weapons discovered during world war 1?

The most important weapon invented and used in WWI was the Tank. The aircraft as a weapon was used extensively for the first time in WWI for reconnaisance, artillery spotting, bombing, and strafing - the aircraft was used as a weapon to a limited extent in earlier conflicts. Posion gas was used for the first time in WWI

When was limestone used first?

Probably as a weapon to be thrown, or as a cave shelter.

What weapon was used for the first nuclear weapon?

fatman, little boy and trinity they are nuclear bombs used on japan (exept trinity) at the end of the second world war.