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According to a site that I found on, the first registered domain was WWW.SYMBOLICS.COM. it was registered in 1985 It had to be sometime after the worldwide web protocol was invented, which was in 1991. The first web server was, which published the first web page, describing the concept of the web itself. Or course, there were many thousands of other domain names already in existence. See related website of the World Wide Web

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Q: What was the first www domain?
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What is the name of the bit after www on a web address?

After the "www", the next bit is called "domain name" e.g. in "exampleweb" is the domain name. More specifically it is also called "second-level domain name", the first-level domain name being the "com" at the end.

How do you make domain as without the www?

In order to make a domain without the "www," you have to register it as such. For example, you would register your domain as "" Your chosen domain would have to be unused.

What does a 2 mean after www in a domain name?


What is the domain name for presidentwhitehousegav?

The Domain Name is www dot whitehouse dot gov

How do you create www domain?

I want to create domain account in iis 6 with the name of

Why do some urls have www?

WWW represents World Wide Web. WWW by default is the Home page of the website/webportal's domain.

Why do you have to put www in front of a weblink?

You only have to do this for some of the old domains which do not support being able to just show the domain and the extension.Nowadays you do not have to put this may lead to the page returning an error page.Some websites like Google and Facebook prefer to show their www. in front of their domain and so links to the domain without www. will be forwarded to the domain example of a domain with and without the ability to show www. would

What is a domain name internet?

A domain name is a website name e.g

Why does a webpage have www before you put the webpage name?

the www is a sub-domain prefix, which is used to identify the domain as a webpage. Another widely used sub-domain prefix is m, which stands for mobile (as in and etc.) The English translation of that is that www stands for world wide web, like m stands for mobile.

Why is http and www used or not used in some web addresses?

WWW is merely a sub-domain name while http is a protocol.

What is the website that helps you search the web?

put www and http:// before your domain.

The portion of a web address that follows the www and the name of the organization is?

domain type

The portion of a web address that follows the www And the name of the organization is called the?


The portion of a web address that follows the www. is?

Domain name

What is the last part of a domain name called?

If you are referring to the ".com" or ".net" portion of the domain name, it is called the "top level domain name." Anything in between "www" and the top level domain name is called a secondary domain name.

The portion of the web address thatg follows the www is called?

It is called the domain name. To start a web site, you first have to register the domain name, so there are no confusions between sites. A good site to use to register a new domain name is

What is the portion of the web address that follows the www and the name of the organization?

The suffix like www.[name].com or .gov .edu .us .org .net .biz .infothe domain nameDomain name.URL: http://www.example.comProtocol: http://Domain Name: example.comTop-Level domain: .comThe domain name, Fo sho.domain

Why do some websites NOT have www in the address but only http then the domain name?

A web URL such as consists of (right-to-left) • A top-level-domain name (.org, .com, .info, .gov) on the end, to identify the type of site • A domain name (google in this case) in the middle, to name the site • A sub-domain (www) on the left, to specify a content folder on the site The name gets more specific as it moves to the left, from a broad domain name to a folder on the server. The "www" sub-domain was created to standardize where web content goes on servers. It is a folder on the server's drive. Nowadays, most servers redirect requests without the sub-domain specified to "www" automatically. This is the most commonly used sub-domain. Another common one is "ftp" for file transfers.

How do you change 'www' with HTML?

You don't. The "www" prefix is a reference to a subdomain, maintained either in the Domain Name System (DNS) or locally by the webserver as part of a hosts file.

What is a full form of www?

The full form of www is World Wide Web. All websites usually have this before the domain name and in most cases the internet will put it automatically.

What is the name of www invention?

I'm not sure I understand your question.anything ahead of an actual domain (eg is called the subdomain.www stands for world-wide www is basically a publicly viewable area of a domain nameconversely there can be many sub-domains, (eg tied to a real domain.Does this answer your question?

What wwz stand for?

there is WWW for word wide web, but also WWZ.(domain),com what mean wwz ?

What is wwwcom?

"www" and "com" are parts of a URL. "www" isn't necessary, but is commonly used. It stands for "world wide web". "com" means that it is probably a commercial website. It's not required to be though, because anyone can buy a domain and domain registrars don't usually regulate content.

What is difference between a URL having www7 vs www ie www plus a number How can this be achieved while hosting?

the WWW plus a number is meant for International World Wide Web Conference for example WWW7.(or whatever the conference # is. Otherwise if you want WWW.(#), then you would register that number as a domain

Do you have to pay for a domain name at webs?

Yes for it to apear regulary in google and have it www."name".com but its free for a subdomain (www."name" which rarely ever with apear in google.