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What was the first year a computer was used in the Corvette?


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April 27, 2008 1:47AM

1982 I believe was the first year to use any sort of computer in a corvette. The last of the C3, the 1982 was the first to use any kind of fuel injection since 1965. It used throttle body injection, which was a kind of carbeuration/fuel injection hybrid. The system used a crude (by today's standards) computer to monitor fuel/air ratios. It could make about 11 adjustments per second. For 1984, the throttle body injection on the corvette returned, this time able to make more calculations per second-around 80, I think. This was the last of year of throttle body injection in the corvette and the foret year of the C4. In 1985, the corvette received TPI (tunnnel port) injection.