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Q: What was the first year jeep wranglers had air bags?
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What is the oldest Jeep Wrangler with side air bags?

The jeep wrangler does not have side airbags in any model or year its not a possiblity with the wranglers constuction.

What year were airbags put in Jeep Wranglers?

Ever since airbags were invented.

What year did Jeep Wrangler have an I6 engine?

The inline 6 was an option in all Jeep Wranglers up through the 2006 model year.

What year jeep wranglers are catching on fire?

There are news reports of issues with 2007-2010 Jeep wranglers. No cause has been determined and no official statement has been made by either Chrysler or the NHTSA.

Do jeep wranglers have 4 doors?

Starting with the 2007 model year you can get a 4 door version of the Wrangler.

How expensive are wrangler cars?

"Jeep Wranglers have been out for many years. The make and model, as well as the year of the Jeep all affect the price. The 2011 Jeep starts as $22,045."

Will Jeep Cherokee wheels fit a Jeep wrangler?

It depends on the year, but equal years should match up, the cherokee used the same bolt pattern as the YJ and TJ jeep Wranglers

1994 Jeep Wrangler hardtop what other Jeep year models will it fit?

1987-1995 jeep wranglers ... I'm pretty sure they'll fit the CJ7s as well. But I know they WILL NOT fit TJs or JKs.

Will a 1996 Jeep hardtop fit a 1995 Jeep?

It should fit.There were no 1996 year wranglers. YJs made in 96 were sold as 1995 models.The TJ body started in 1997.

What type of oil is good for Jeep Wranglers?

That depends on year and engine size. Check you owners manual or ask a new question with more info included.

What is the wheel bolt pattern on a 2000 jeep wrangler?

All TJ Wranglers (1997-2006 model year Wranglers) have a 5 on 4.5" wheel bolt pattern from the factory.

What year wranglers had vacuum locking hubs?


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