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What was the foreign policy of William McKinley?

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McKinley and Imperialism

The McKinley administration was known for economic prosperity and the growth and influence of business in American politics. The McKinley era saw the rise of American Imperialism. Imperialism is the desire to acquire influence or ownership of areas outside the United States, for the increase in military, economic, and commercial weath and influence they would bring to the United States. Imperialism is an outgrowth of Manifest Destiny. It is considered by some to be Manifest Destiny outside the boundaries of the nation. Trade made the US an active participant in world affairs. American ships, sailors, and merchant vessels were traveling to the world's most exotic ports. To protect that commerce, imperialism became a policy of the McKinley administration. The belief was that the United States should acquire influence and ownership of areas in the Pacific, South America, Africa and in the Atlantic, so we could protect our Naval and merchant forces and continue to increase trade. The Spanish-American War was an example of imperialism in action. MrV

I am improving the above- Mckinleys may have seemed imperialist but it was genrally more about moral and socail issues than power. McKinley did not aim to control other people, but rather wanted to make other people American. His religious and moral ideas made him believe it was American responsibility to educte and christianize others.

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Who is credited with ushering in the era of the modern presidency?

William McKinley is credited with ushering in the era of the modern presidency. President McKinley pursued an aggressive foreign policy.

What was the name of William Howard Taft's foreign policy?

The name of William Howard Taft's Foreign Policy was Dollar Diplomacy.

William McKinley advocated which currency policy in the 1896 Presidential election?

Tight money

What religion was William McKinley?

William McKinley was a devout Methodist.

Was William McKinley the first president to use a phone?

William McKinley answered the phone William McKinley answered the phone

Did William McKinley have any brothers and sisters?

Yes, William McKinley had eight siblings.Anna McKinleyDavid McKinleyJames McKinleyAbner McKinleySarah McKinleyMary McKinleyAbigail McKinleyHelen McKinley

Who is William McKinley?

katherine mckinley

When did William McKinley get married?

William McKinley married Ida Saxton McKinley on January 25, 1871.

Was William McKinley a strong presidential candidate?

William McKinley was a strong presidential candidate. William McKinley won two presidential elections. William McKinley was assassinated a few months after his second election.

Who are William McKinley children?

Katherine Mckinley and Ida Mckinley

President William Howard Taft's foreign policy encouraged American investment in foreign countries and increased trade. What was the name given to Taft's foreign policy?

dollar diplomacy

What has the author William Reitzel written?

William Reitzel has written: 'The Mediterranean; its role in America's foreign policy' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, World War, 1939-1945 'United States foreign policy, 1945-1955' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, United States

What has the author William Crane Johnstone written?

William Crane Johnstone has written: 'Burma's foreign policy'

Where was William McKinley buried?

William McKinley was buried at "The McKinley National Memorial" in Canton Ohio, United States.

When was William McKinley born?

William McKinley was born on January 29, 1843.

When was William Thomas McKinley born?

William Thomas McKinley was born in 1938.

What problems did William McKinley have as president?

i need help i have history compare and contrast paper on William McKinley what issues did William McKinley have THANKS FOR YOUR HELP

Was Mt McKinley named after William McKinley?

In 1896, the mountain was named for William McKinley, the republican nominee for president, by a gold prospector, William Dickey.

Who is Mount McKinley named after?

William McKinley.

Who is William McKinley daugter?

katherine mckinley

What party was McKinley in?

William McKinley was a Republican.

What policies did Kaiser William II follow?

Weltpolitik ("world policy") was the foreign policy of Kaiser Wilhelm II

What was the major focus of William Howard Taft's foreign policy?

dollar diplomacy

Was William H. Taft strong at handling domestic or foreign policy?

No, he was not.

What did William Seward's foreign policy emphasized?

United States domination of the Americas

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