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holes in the ground

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Q: What was the front line trench in World War 1?
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What were reserve trenches in World War 1?

the reserve trench were the lin eof trenchs that are behind the front lin trench. if or when the front line trench is captured, the solidiers can use the reserve trench line and the substitute front line

What is a communications trench in World War I?

Communication trenches ran between safe areas and the front-line trench. They allowed troops to move safely to and from the front line...

What was the communications trench for in World War 1?

Communication trenches ran between safe areas and the front-line trench. They allowed troops to move safely to and from the front line (:

What are the World War I trenches?

Front Line Trench Communication Trench Support Trench Reserve Trench

What was the life expectancy of a soldier on the front line of a trench during World War 1?

2 weeks per month

What is a front line World War 1?

A front line during WW1 would have been the trench furthest up and closest to the enemy trenches where the heaviest fighting took place.

Why was there wire between the front trench and the machine guns in World War 1?

To provide a barrier in the event that the front trench was overrun.

Why was wire separating the front line and the machine guns in a World War 1 trench?

so it would slow them down you but face

How long would a man live in a trench in world war 1?

A general pattern for trench routine was 4 days in the front line, then 4 days in close reserve and finally 4 at rest

What are the support trenches in world war 1?

Support Trenches in WW1 were trenches that support the front line. Whether it be troops, ammo, or weapons, they supported the main trench. They also were a second defense if the main trench was overrun.

What type of warfare characterized the Western Front during World War I?

Trench Warfare

In World War 1 where was trench warfare fought?

It was fought on the Western frontThe Eastern front was a war of movementand Gallipoli was a form of trench warfare but predominantly a stalemate

What type of warfare was used along the western front of world war 1?

Trench warfare

How many people in a front line trench?

It depends on how long the trench is. There is no set length; during World War I, a trench could be anywhere from a few yards long to over a mile. Also, there are different kinds of trenches; some were not much more than a small pile of rocks.

Did the US use shotguns during World War 2?

Yes they did, they used the Double Barreled Shotgun and they also used the M1917 Trench gun on the front line and on the trenches.

What were the front lines of World War 2?

The front line of World War 2 was the eastern front. The battles at the eastern front were the largest battles in history.

What was a trench in World War 2?

A ditch used for cover from enemy fire. A series of trenches would be used as the front lines of the different armies moved forwards and back. Many people lost their lives in the trenches during the war as the only way to advance the front line was to go 'over the top' and invade the enemies trench.

How do you find your away around the trench system?

Soldiers who were new to the trenches of World War I quickly learned their way around the trench system. All of the trenches were dug with a main trench against the front line and several support trenches behind that. The formulaic nature of trench construction made it fairly easy for soldiers to find their way around.

What is the Home Front in world war 1?

it is where soldiers are at the front of the front line for about 2 months.

Hiding place in a World War 1 trench?


Did the trenches in World War 1 have a hierarchy?

There were differences in the function and importance of trenches. The first one (closest to the enemy) was also called the Front Line or the Fire Line. A 100 yards behind it you had the support trench and again some 100 yards behind, the reserve trench. And then you had the connecting trenches, who were just there so you could get from one trench to the other. There wasn't a real 'hierarchy' anmong trenches: the front line was most important for fighting, but the other two were important for their support facilities, radio and command rooms and as places for soldiers to rest from front line duties.

What is the term for the lines dug along the war front where troops and their weapons were placed before charging across a field?

Trench line

Which front of the war was characterized by a stalemate due to trench warfare?

The Western Front!

What was the ridge of the trench called in World War 1?

The ridge of the trench was called the parapet in World War I.

Most of the fighting done on the western front in World War 1 took place in the form of?

Trench warfare.