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What was the geography and climate of the southern colonies?


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Answer: Sunshine not rain, broad coastal plains, hilly forests, mild climate for the large plantations where tobacco, silk, rice, and corn were grown.


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In the Southern Colonies the soil and climate was good for farming.

The climate and geography of the southern colonies affected the types of crops that could be grown there. In the south, the growing periods were longer due to the warmer weather.

they relied on plantation farming. The geography were plains, straight lands, good soil, perfect weather for plantation.

because it was low and swampy and there was warm weather a lot

Hilly forests and mild climate for large plantations

The geography of the Southern Colonies helped the colonist by providing fertile plains for agriculture.

Geography affected the development of the southern colonies as rivers and mountains limited settlements

The geography of the southern colonies was mostly fertile soil and short winters so It was great for farming crops.

what advantage did the geography and climate give the people living in the middle colonies

The climate of the Southern colonies was the warmest of the three colonies. Also they didn't worry as much about surviving in the winter.

For the most part the Southern American colonies had a mild climate to semi-tropical. The latter in areas such as Florida. The Southern climate was conducive for agriculture.

It was the warmest climate of the three colonies it was humid there was no rain

The warm climate and rich soil of the Southern Colonies were well suited for agriculture.

wonderful! the land was rather flat but mountains did run around the Southern Colonies.

Humid climate with mild and hot summers and

The southern American colonies had an economy based on agriculture. The climate and soil of the southern colonies were ideal for growing cotton and tobacco.

climate was suitable for warm weather crops :)

The climate in the southern colonies were often warm.

Southern colonies had rich soil and warm climate

The Southern Colonies had a warm and damp climate, that meant growing plants easy.

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