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What was the goal of the Kamikaze's?

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The primary target was always the oppnents aircraft carriers.

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What does kamikazes mean?

Kamikazes were suicide attacks from Japan.

How were kamikazes used by the Japanese government?

because kamikazes were tamil

Was Kamikazes considered suicide pilots?

Kamikazes were considered suicide pilots.

What was a German Kamikazes?

Kamikazes were not German, but in fact Japanese. Japanese kamikazes were suicide pilots in WWII who purposefully crashed thir planes full of bombs as a way of combat.

Were the kamikazes successful?


Did kamikazes have uniforms?

Well young grasshopper. The Kamikazes were just pilots that flew into things, so yes they did have uniforms.

What where the kamikazes?

Kamikazes were people who killed themselves to save Japan by using a plane to smash into enemy ships, carriers and buildings.

Who used kamikazes?

Japan in WW2

What was the main target of the kamikazes?

Allied Ships

Who was the main target of kamikazes?

ships or boats

How did kamikazes live?

They didn't, they were suicide bombers.

What were the main targets of the kamikazes?

Allied warships.

How many kamikazes fight?

There were over 2800 Kamikazes thrown into battle; between the Battles of Leyte Gulf in October 1944 through the battle of Okinawa in 1945.

Why were kamikazes frightening?

The pilots flying the planes had one goal and it was to crash into a ship. There was one way to stop them and that was to shoot them down. They weren't much different that the people who blow themselves up to kill others today.

What were the Japanese suicide pilots called?

I believe they were called kamikazes.

Who were kamikazes and what did they do?

they were Japanese fighter pilots. that sacrifice their lives for war.

What was the name given to the Japanese suicide pilots?

The name of Japanese suicide pilots were called Kamikazes. Kamikazes were "pilots who were trained to ship the Allies ships by crashing bomb-filled planes into them."

Who were the Kamikazes?

The Kamikazes were a group of suicidal Japanese pilots during World War II, they would purposely crash into Allied Ships in a last ditch effort to safe the Japanese Empire.

Who were the Japanese suicide pilots?

The Japanese Suicide Pilots were called Kamikazes.

First time the Japanese used kamikazes in attacks?

Leyte Gulf

What are the release dates for Hogan's Heroes - 1965 The Kamikazes Are Coming 6-20?

Hogan's Heroes - 1965 The Kamikazes Are Coming 6-20 was released on: USA: 21 February 1971

When did the Kamikazes first attack the US?

December 7, 1941 at Pearl Harbor.

When did Japan start to use kamikazes?

Battle of Leyte Gulf, Oct '44

During World War 2 what were the Japanese suicide pilots called?


Why would japan commit suicide to try and win the war?

Kamikazes, or "divine winds", used a suicide-airplane attack to destroy Allied ships and trenches. The famous kamikazes were implented during the attack of Pearl Harbor,