What was the goddess of Seshet like?

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She would behave like an old wise man, full of wisdom and knowledge. After all, she is said to invent writing itself.
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What does the goddess atalanta look like?

Looks wise, I am not sure, only that she is beautiful, tall, and long-legged. She would usually be dressed in some sort of animal's hide (probably a bear's) and bare foot.

What does the Greek goddess Diana like to do?

Diana is not a Greek goddess. She is a Roman goddess. Her Greek counterpart is Artemis. Artemis/Diana likes to hunt with her nymph companions, since she is the goddess of the

What did Astaroth the goddess look like?

In history, Astaroth worshiped by greeks and romans in many forms. Aphrodite, Artemis, Demetra, Athena, Hera and many other not well known entities refered to the same person,

Does the goddess Minerva like Diana?

The Roman goddesses Minerva and Diana were playmates, along with Proserpine, as young goddesses. They all agreed to be virgin goddesses, except Pluto abducted Proserpine. This
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Why was the goddess Ishtar Eve like?

Eve is characterized as a "chaos" agent because she was the first to disobey the authority of god. Ishtar in her anger threatens vengeance in the form of chaos by overturning