What was the goddess of Seshet like?

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She would behave like an old wise man, full of wisdom and knowledge. After all, she is said to invent writing itself.
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What did Artemis the goddess look like?

Artemis was prevalent through several cultures and sometimes she would vary a bit. However, the fact that she was a huntress was a common theme. She was tall, thin, and athletic, and very beautiful. She also had black, red, or brown hair (she isn't a blonde ever). She was often portrayed side by sid ( Full Answer )

What did the Roman goddess Juno look like?

Answer . Juno is the Roman name of the goddess Hera sister and wife of the father of gods and men Zeus, daughter of Cronus and Rhea. She was depicted as a beautiful woman wearing a crown. She was the queen of gods and goddesses, women, marriage, sky and starry heavens. IN ADDITION:. she was a b ( Full Answer )

What does the goddess Athena look like?

she has brown hair or blonde hair (it depends on what you believe) and she has gray eyes. she normally wears either her armour or sometimes just white gold or burgendy

What did the goddess Isis look like?

A beautiful woman in magnificent clothing, sometimes shown wearing the sun disk. She has almost no variant forms. .

What did the goddess of love look like?

All that is and will be is within us. She perhaps didn't look any different from the dearest woman in your life. We all have the capacity and infinite wisdom and love within us.

What does the goddess Persephone look like?

She is young and very beautiful with an oval shaped face. She wears flowing and airy gowns. Sometimes she is depicted with lose long and wavy hair that is either blonde/white, red, or black. And sometimes she is seen with her hair in braids.

What does the Goddess Hestia look like?

Hestia was depicted in Athenian vase painting as a modestly veiled woman sometimes holding a flowered branch (of a chaste tree ?). In classical sculpture she was also veiled, with a kettle as her attribute.

What did goddess Athena look like?

There are many different versions of Athena as you can imagine over thousands of years, but the most accepted version is she has a long toga like robe on, her hair is brown and curly, and she has a sort of wreath in her hair.

What do goddesses look like?

there is only 1 God his name is Lord. a goddess is not real The above answer entered by a bachelor who will never have a girlfriend let alone ever hope to be married. There are Roman goddess', Eygyptian goddess' and they are all beautiful. They are raidant and soft and delicate. They wear fl ( Full Answer )

What does the goddess hera look like?

According to most books nobody knew what the Gods looked like because they couldn't reveal their true form to humans but apparently Hera looked like a really nice older lady even though she was believed to be pretty mean.

What does hera the goddess look like?

Hera was usually depicted as a beautiful woman wearing a crown and holding a royal, lotus-tipped staff. Sometimes she held a royal lion or had a cuckoo or hawk as her familiar.

What does the goddess Ate look like?

Being a Spirit, the Greek myths surrounding Ate focus mostly on what she does , rather than her appearance. So there are very few accounts of her looks.

What were greek gods and goddesses like?

They had the charateristics of regular humans but they could control what their powers were. And they were very amorous and funny.

What was the goddess Artemis' childhood like?

Artemis' mother was the female Titan Leto. Her father was Zeus. When Hera, Zeus' queen, found out that Leto was pregnant with twins fathered by Zeus, she flew into a jealous fit. She forbade all lands and waters to give Leto rest. She also sent the dragon Python to chase Leto. Finally, Leto came to ( Full Answer )

Did anyone like Artemis the goddess?

Her worshipers certainly 'liked' her, Orion the hunter loved her, her brother Apollo, her mother Leto, her father Zeus - many liked, loved, and worshiped this goddess.

What does goddess Athena look like?

Athena was a gray eyed goddess. she has a golden shield,helmet, and spear in most pictures. she is usually potraited with an owl. she is bold and confident.

How did the goddess hebe act like?

Hebe - a Greek goddess of youth - seems to assist Ares, god of war and men - Hera goddess of women and marriage, and Aphrodite, goddess of love. She seems helpful, as in one myth she assists Hercules (her husbands) friend Iolaus.

What does the goddess atalanta look like?

Looks wise, I am not sure, only that she is beautiful, tall, and long-legged. She would usually be dressed in some sort of animal's hide (probably a bear's) and bare foot.

What does the goddess Nut look like?

Nut is the goddess of the sky in Egyptian mythology. She is depicted as a cow or as a dark woman arching over the sky with stars on her body.

Did any god or goddess not like Aprhodite?

Yes. The goddesses Artemis, Athena, and Hestia did not like her because they were virgin goddesses and Aphrodite was the goddess of love. Hera did not like her very much either because she was jealous of her beauty.

What does the Greek goddess Diana like to do?

Diana is not a Greek goddess. She is a Roman goddess. Her Greek counterpart is Artemis. Artemis/Diana likes to hunt with her nymph companions, since she is the goddess of the Hunt.

What did Astaroth the goddess look like?

In history, Astaroth worshiped by greeks and romans in many forms. Aphrodite, Artemis, Demetra, Athena, Hera and many other not well known entities refered to the same person, Astaroth. This happened not like worship a different person but in the same way christians believe the triune of their god. ( Full Answer )

What does the Harvest Goddess like?

As far as the Goddess in Back to Nature, she is happy if you give her anything that you grow on the farm. I've never tried giving her flowers or animal products, but just give her a crop item everyday to get the three bonuses from her(power berry, love interest cutscene, Gotz lumber.)

Does the goddess Minerva like Diana?

The Roman goddesses Minerva and Diana were playmates, along with Proserpine, as young goddesses. They all agreed to be virgin goddesses, except Pluto abducted Proserpine. This similarity between Diana and Minerva may have led to a friendship between them. However, Minerva likes to think things throu ( Full Answer )

What did Aphrodite the goddess of love look like?

That is completely unknown as many people think that she is mythological and back when greek gods were believed in the Greeks believed that to see a god in his or her true form would kill a mortal.

Why was the goddess Ishtar Eve like?

Eve is characterized as a "chaos" agent because she was the first to disobey the authority of god. Ishtar in her anger threatens vengeance in the form of chaos by overturning the boundaries between the dead and the living. Then unleashes the bull of heaven which Gilgamesh and Enkidu kill with their ( Full Answer )

What did goddess isis look like?

Isis is most often shown beautiful woman in magnificent clothing, sometimes shown wearing the sun disk. She is also linked to the kite hawk. .

What did the Greek goddess Nemesis look like?

Nemesis has short black, curly hair. She wears a red jacket, blackjeans, black boots, uses a whip, and a motorcycle. She appears tobe someone you want to take revenge on... This is the PercyJackson/Rick Riordan definition.

What were Hera Greek goddess likes and dislikes?

No one really does know what gods like or disliked but saying they were goddess that they would have liked fruit grapes beauty flowers plants animals ... ETC (Sorry if this does not answer your question but it was the life of gods which Greeks only knew there stories n powers )

How are Greek gods and goddesses like Greeks?

Well, the Greek gods and goddess don't just reflect the Greeks they reflect human nature in ways... The Greek gods have quarrel's, argument's, fights, affairs, jealousy issues and lots more. In ways they were basically humans with godlike abilities. I hope I answered your question. :)

How did the goddess Artemis looked like?

In ancient art Artemis was usually depicted as a girl dressed in a short knee-length chiton and equipped with a hunting bow and quiver of arrows.