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the government during the 1970s was at rock bottom. the democracy was not stable. As percentage of independent countries, democracies reached their lowest point, weighing in at only 30%.

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What was life like in the 1970s?

what was life like in the 1970s.

What was the most common government system in Africa during the 1970s?


What did the government fail to pass in the 1970s for womens rights?

the equal rights amendment

Does the Canadian government still have income tax returns from the 1960s 1970s and 1980s?

I believe it does

When congress passed the ethics in government act in the 1970s they created this position?

independent counsel

What were the 1970s like?

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What was cookie monster like in the 1970s?

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What did the government fail to pass in the 1970s for women's rights?

Education programs receiving government money cannot treat men and women differently.

A major effect of the Watergate scandal of the 1970s was that it?

Many people felt that the government, particularly the Presidency, had betrayed them.

What was the cause of Americans distrust of government leaders in the 1970s?

The Watergate scandal and the Nixon pardon of Regan. That and the rising inflation in America made people distrust the government.

Will Japan's people take over?

No. Japan's people will not take over. Japan's government gambled on the best 1970s technology for its automobile industry. It was right. It made the best products available in the 1970s. It still makes the best products available for the 1970s. The same government that pushed industry forward in the 1970s is now holding it back. (The same thing happens in other countries. Mexico has the largest untapped petroleum reserves in the world. They took over their oil business in 1938. They can not recover that oil using 1938 technology.) The people likely to take over are the Chinese. The government has gotten out of their way. While the government needs to do something about their pollution, It does not need to determine their technology.

What was it like in the 1970s?

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What were coputers like in the 1970's?

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What was it like being an adult in the 1970s?

Awsome man it was so totally radical.

What prompted China's government to enact this policy?

The One Child Policy was enacted in the late 1970s to limit the population growth.

What government agency was formed in 1970s in order to prevent the pollution of America's water air and land?

the enviromental protection agency

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Were dreamcatchers fads in the 1970s?

No, dreamcatchers were not fads in the 1970s because they was used in the age of the Ancient Americas, not the 1970s.

Are cigarettes still included in military rations?

No do to the health concerns of the government it was stopped. It was ended in the 1970s when people figured out that cigerettes can kill you.

What type of remote control exsisted in the 1970s?

Much like the remote controls of today.

Popular in the 1970s Tab tastes most like which drink?

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What was the economy like in the 1970s?

it had a dramatic crash and 2 causes were unemployment and trade deflict

1970s song love love love w how do you like it?

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What was the relationship between the US and Russia during the 1970s like?

Not very good, actually. )

When was the population law in China?

1960s and 1970s, 1960s and 1970s,