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To dry wet hair...(Hint: HAIR DRYER)

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Q: What was the hair dryer device used for?
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What is a hair dryer?

A hairdryer is a device to dry your hair with! A hairdryer is a device to dry your hair with!

What is the device used to dry car paint?

a very big hair dryer

What is a hair dryer used for?

a hair dryer is basically used to dry wet and damp hair!

What is the difference between a hair dryer and a hair straightener?

A dryer is used when the hair is wet to dry and style hair. A straightener is used to straighten dry hair.

What equipment is used for setting hair?

a hair dryer

What electronic device starts with an h?

hair dryer, hot plate, humidifier

What is the different between a blow dryer and a hair dryer?

A blow dryer would need to have a fan. A hair dryer could be a towel or any other device that dries the hair. A blow dryeris a hand held hair dryer that "blows" the hair as it dries it. There are two types of hair dryers, portable and non-portable. The portable type has a hood, similar to a shower cap, and has a hose attached to unit and the cap. The warm air goes from the unit to the cap through the hose to dry the hair. The non-portable type, which is used in hair salons, is attached to the back of a chair. Hair dryers are used mostly on hair that has curlers in it.

What magnet is used in a hair dryer?

An electromagnet is used.;)

What are some features of the CHI Rocket Hair Dryer?

Some features of CHI Rocket Hair Dryer include things like the material used to make them is Ceramic, the device uses 1800 Watts and has a AC Motor / Fixed Cord.

How does a hair dryer work as an open loop system?

An open loop system has no feedback to control what is being "done" by the system or device. In a hair dryer the work being done is to dry something, typically your hair. However, the hair dryer has no way of knowing how "dry" your hair is getting and adjusting the speed or heat to dry faster or slower. It is the person at the controls that makes this judgment and not the device. However in a hair dryer there may be a heat sensor that turns off the heating element so it doesn't get too hot. This is a feedback system within the dryer, but has nothing to do with how dry your hair is getting.

What materials was used to use to invent the hair dryer?


Can the Hot Tools 1061 Portable hair dryer be used to dry long hair?

Yes, this potable hair dryer can be used for any length of hair, and offers mutliple height settings so it reaches all the hair on your head.

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