What was the highest rank earned Hitler in the Military?

The highest military rank Hitler earned was during WW I and it was PFC (or Lance Corporal)

Answer 2:
His rank was Fuhrer, which means leader. Basically the commander of army, navy, and airforce.

Answer 3:
In World War 1 he was an Corporal, during World War 2 he was fuhrer.

Answer 4:
Hitler's rank in WW1 was an Corporal but in WW2 his rank is Fuhrer.
It was his title of Der Fuhrer. He established himself as the all-out dictator of Germany. Answer 5:
He enlisted in the Army in WWI and became a corporal. He never attained a high rank because his commanding officers thought he "lacked leadership skills".

Answer 6:
Hitler attained the rank of Gefreiter (corporal)