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The Japs in the subs all killed themselves before doing much damage to avoid being captured (idiots). Two of the three midget subs got through the net.The people of Sydney where surprised at the breach of the boom nets. The security around the harbour was increased and people started to get worried. I would also like to point out that I have no idea what I'm talking about and making about half of this s*** up...

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Q: What was the impact of World War 2 on Australian civilians after the attack of Japanese Midget submarines in Sydney harbor?
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Which city was attacked by midget submarines in 1942?

This attack is known as the Attack on Sydney Harbor. During WWII, Japanese submarines attacked the Australian cities of Sydney and Newcastle.

Which Australian cities were shelled by Japanese submarines in 1942?

Sydney was shelled by midget submarines in her harbour. There were other attacks by subs but these were isolated incidences and on smaller towns like Townsville

How many Japanese submarines were used in the attack of pearl harbor?

Approximately 28 (23 fleet subs, 5 midget subs). Note that 80% of the midget submarines were destroyed, while the fleet submarines suffered no losses.

Did the Japanese use Midget submarines?

Yes, they used Midget submarines to attack the harbor bridge. The attack lasted 4 minutes but every shot was well short of it's initial target.

How many submarines did the Japanese use in the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War 2?

There were five midget Japanese submarines : I-16, I-18, I-20, I-22, and I-24 .

What was the westernmost attach by the Japanese?

On 29th May 1942 three Japanese submarines arrived off Madagascar. Two were carrying midget submarines which attacked British ships in harbour, damaging one battleship and sinking a tanker. Both midget subs were sunk.

Who invented the jetski and when was it invented?

Up to a point evolved out of Japanese Sea Sleds or open midget submarines.

What ships did the Japanese lose during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese ships were never in danger. They did lose a few midget submarines during the attack.

What did the Japanese travel in to bomb pearl harbor?

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in bomber planes, fighter planes, submarines, and torpedo bombers. They also planned to use midget submarines but most didn't make it.

How did the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor?

Short answer: The Japanese attacked with airplanes from six aircraft carriers, and they also used submarines. The standard-sized submarines were in the Hawaiian waters outside of Pearl Harbor, and midget submarines were sent into Pearl Harbor itself. Details on the web.

What was pearl harbor attacked with?

Japanese aircraft bombing at high & low level & torpedo bombers. An attack by midget submarines was thwarted.

Were there submarines involved in the attack on pearl harbor?

Five midget submarines participated in the attack.

What date did Japanese submarines attack sydney harbor?

Three Japanese midget-subs attacked on the night of May 31st/June 1st, 1942. See wikipedia for details.

Did the 5 midget submarines successful in the Pearl harbor attack?

The midget subs did no actual damage

What was the size of Japanese Fleet at Pearl Harbor?

6 Fleet Carriers, 2 Battleships, 3 Cruisers, 9 Destroyers, 23 Fleet Submarines, 5 Mini-Submarines (Midget Subs), and over 400 airplanes.

How many Japanese died during the attack on Pearl Harbor?

There where 59 Japanese killed in Pearl Harbor, all members of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Nine were the crew of 5 Type A midget submarines (of the 10 crew one was captured). The remainder were crews from aircraft shot down in the attack or lost as a result of damage and unable to return to the carriers. From Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: (64) Japanese losses: 4 midget submarines sunk, 1 midget submarine run aground, 29 aircraft destroyed, 55 airmen killed 9 submariners killed

What kind of submarines attacked pearl harbor?

Type A midget submarines. (It's a funny name but that's what they're called.)

What is the word 'midget' when translated from English to Japanese?


What was the number of ships of the Japanese fleet that attacked pearl harbor?

Approximately: 6 Fleet Carriers, 2 Battleships, 3 Cruisers, 9 Destroyers, 23 Fleet Submarines, 5 Mini-Subs (Midget Submarines), and over 400 airplanes.

How many japanese were killed in pearl harbor?

From Britannica Concise Encyclopedia: (64)Japanese losses:4 midget submarines sunk,1 midget submarine run aground,29 aircraft destroyed,55 airmen killed9 submariners killedRead more: How_many_Japanese_died_during_the_attack_on_Pearl_Harbor

Battleships that attacked Pearl Harbor?

There were none: There were Japanese Batleships in the fleet, but the attack was made by carrier-borne aircraft. There was also submarine attack. An attack by Japanese midget submarines as attacked & destroyed. The Japanese fleet included 2 battleships but they did not participate in the attack.

What ships did the Japanese use for the attack on Pearl Harbor?

6 aircraft carriers 2 battleships 2 heavy cruisers 1 light cruiser 9 destroyers 8 tankers 23 fleet submarines 5 midget submarines 414 aircraft

When did the Japanese attack in Australia end?

Darwin and the area around it was attacked by the Japanese on 64 separate occasions commencing on the 19th of February, 1942. The last raid occurring on the 12th of November, 1943. There was also an air raid on Broome which destroyed most of the planes that had just escaped from Singapore and other recently Japanese over run areas. On the 31st of May, 1942, Japanese midget submarines entered Sydney Harbour and sunk a barracks ship and on 7th of June, 1942, Japanese submarines shelled Sydney and Newcastle. Japanese warships were sinking Australian shipping along the eastern coast of Australia.

How many air crafts did japan lose at pearl harbor?

Japanese losses were light, with 29 aircraft and five midget submarines lost, and 65 service men killed or wounded

At any time during World War 2 did Japanese planes enter Sydney harbor?

A Japanese float plane from a submarine carried out a flight over Sydney Harbour to map out the targets for the three midget submarines which carried out the attack.