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Q: What was the impact of the Darwin bombings on Australian civilians in World War 2?
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How did the Japanese attacks on Darwin impact the Australian people?

The impact that the Japanese bombing of the port city of Darwin had on the Australian people was that they thought that the Japanese were going to land soldiers and marines onto Australian soil.So most civilians did what they thought best and moved inland, away from where the fighting was going to be,at the beaches.

What was the impact of the bombing of Darwin?

Australian and American forces were based there to defend it.

How does the Boston marathon bombings impact Michigan?


How did the civil war impact civilians?

Civilians had to work at factories making supplies.

What measures were taken to decrease the impact of the bombings of London?


What was the impact of the Christmas bombings in Vietnam?

The North returned to the negotiation table.

What was the impact on animals bomb on HIroshima?

See: Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

How did Charles Darwin have in impact on the world?

Charles Darwin was the British scientist who created the theory of evolution.

Has Mexico made an impact on Australian eating habits?

No mexico has not had any impact on australian eating habts

Why did the Australian government provide incorrect casualty figures during world war 2?

Australia was under attack from all corners, bombings in the north, naval attacks on western ports, and submarines were sinking ships in eastern harbours. While none of this was enough to destroy Australia it did have a tremendously negative impact on the moral of Australians. The prevailing thought at this time was Australia was about to be invaded. In order to lessen damage to our moral, the Australian government provided incorrect casualty figures to make people think it wasn't as bad as they thought it was. For example, the bombings of Darwin killed over 250+ people but the government announced only 17 people had been killed.

What effect did the war have on Australian society?

The impact war had on Australian society is greater economic boom and depression. The impact war had on Australian society is greater economic boom and depression.

What was the impact of hiroshima bombings?

The estimate was: 90,000-166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000-80,000 in Nagasaki dead.

How did Charles Darwin contribution impact science?

It proved evolution can happen.

What impact did the Dawin bombings have on World War 2?

Lots of people died, and lots of planes and ships were destroyed

What contribution of Charles Darwin had a major impact on classification?

He figured that finches were animals.

What Impact republicanism had upon Australian society?

it dident

What impact did world war 1 have on Australian land?

Not much.

After the war was over what impact did the results have on Australian society?

Which war?

How did the Vietnam War impact the Australian Government?

With protests and riots.

What impact did the chinese have on the Australian goldfields?

they made it a multicultural country

The place Darwin visited on his trip around the world that had the greatest impact on his thinking was?

the Galápagos Islands

What impact did Darwin have on social philosophy?

None. Darwin developed the theory of evolution by natural selection. Herbert Spencer was the one that tried to use evolutionary theory in social philosophy.

How did Charles Darwin impact or change the world?

Well being a sophisticates naturalist myself i must say Charles Darwin was a dumb incombuent with no life ;) sincerly yours: Troll

What impact did the Korean War have on the citizens?

Military personnel come from the manpower pool of civilians. Every military man was a civilian FIRST. Civlians PRODUCE the war machine. Civilians are either supporting the war or in it.

How did government regulations impact the lives of civilians on ww2.?

they rationed food , gas and other resources. it changed their lives