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The importance of World War I is that it changed the way that countries negotiated with each other. The war also created the Treaty of Versailles which led to World War 2.

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Q: What was the importance of WW1 to the world?
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Importance of the united nations in World War I?

The UN (league of nations) was set up in the 1920s AFTER WW1.

What was the kiel canal's importance during ww1?

chicken wing.

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the great depression

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why did Germany get weak in ww1?why did Germany get weak in ww1?

How many people died in ww1 World War 2?

ww1 was about 11,016,000. ww2 was about 59,028,000

Leaders involved in world war 1?

who were the leaders involved in WW1 who were the leaders involved in WW1

Were more people killed in ww1 or World War 2?

46million for ww1 1600million for ww2

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world war 1 and 2

How many world wars were there?

2 world wars. WW1 AND WW2

Who was the fascit leader of Italy during World War 1?

There were no Fascist leaders in WW1. Fascism came about after WW1. Italy was governed by King Vittorio Emanueleduring WW1

How did we defeat Germany's nazi in world war 1?

There were no Nazi in WW1. Nazism didn't arise until after WW1.

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WW1 started in 1914

When World War I ended?

Ww1 ended in 1918.

What was the bloodiest battle in the world?

the battle of Verdun in WW1

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Yes. Poland was in WW1.

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