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They never heard of the place until they got their draft notice in the mail.

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Why did the US become invole in the Vietnam?

To prevent the communist take over of South Vietnam.

How is the American Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement similar?

they both can invole the right for people to vote.

How do chemical properties and physical properties compare and contrast?

A chemical reaction involves a change in the original substance's. physical properties invole change in shape.

What are some jobs that begin with the letter J that invole math?

My math teacher said that there is a job that does not invole math.

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When did the us invole in World War 2?


How is science involved with nursing?

how dose science invole in nursing

When does ralts invole in Pokemon platinum?

lv 20 into kirlia

What are the causes of the Vietnam War and the US invole in the war?

The cold war caused the Vietnam War. The Atom Bomb created the cold war. If there had been no atomic bombs, there would have been no cold war. If there had been no cold war, the US may not have been involved in Vietnam in the first place. If the US had been involved, the US would have declared (total) war and defeated North Vietnam just like the US (allies) defeated Japan/Germany in WW2.

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name as many jobs that invole art

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They both invole chormoshnes, but they are not the same.

How does a person that works in a bank invole math?

They work with money and money is math.

What is are similaritys between soccer and softball?

they both invole work!! and and hand-eye cordination

What professions invole anatomy and physiology?

health care, ergonomics, and art come to mind

Was concod invole in World War 2?

No. Concorde didn't fly until 1970

Can you make a webkinz user name on this website?

no, you cant because this doesnt invole anything about webkinz

Why do you get sucked in to books?

because the books are really good and invole you as if your acually part of the plot/story

Why was the US become invole in the war of 1940?

The US didn't enter WWII until 1941.

Compationons that invole meeting David tennent?

rose tyler, martha jones, donna noble

What causes a muscle to respond?

beans help the mucle 2 respond to situations that invole willys

How does softball invole math?

4 bases 3 outs 2 teams 1 winner

Why can you not use a metal bowl for cooking?

because when there heat invole you wont be able to touch because of the conductoion

How do you invole eevee into leafeon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

I'm pretty sure you need to find a Leaf Stone.