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What was the intent of Lenins new economic policy NEP?

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The New Economic Policy (NEP) was intended to reverse some of the economic ravages caused by the previous policy of War Communism had inflicted on the country.

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What was the intent of Lenin's New Economic Policy (NEP?

The NEP granted power to local industry instead of the government.

What was the intent of Lenin's New Economic Policy (NEP)?

The NEP granted power to local industry instead of the government. Lenin's NEP outlined the benefits of a command economy. The NEP was supposed to create a stronger Soviet Union. Under the NEP, citizens owned all property and production profits.

What does NEP stand for?

New Economic Policy

Who was the creator of the New Economic Policy?

Lenin instituted the NEP or New Economic Policy in Russia.

What was the overall impact of the New Economic Policy (nep)?

It helped Russia's weak economy to recover.

When did Lenin's New Economic Policy begin?

The NEP was introduced in March 1921

What was the NEP?

NEP is an acronym of New Economic Policy that was formulated by Vladamir Lenin. The policy represented a capitalism oriented economy that was important in the Russian Civil War which occurred between 1917 to 1922.

What is NEP?

NEP is New Economic Policy. This was Vladimir Lenin's plan to introduce some aspects of capitalism back into the socialist economy in order to improve the economy.

What was the overall impact of the New Economic Policy NEP?

It helped Russia's weak economy to recover

When was the new economic policy introduced in russia?

The new economic policy was introduced to replace the failed one of the war communism. The NEP was put into effect on March 21, 1921.

Who initiated the NEP in the Soviet Union?

The chief architect of the NEP (New Economic Policy) was Nikolai Bukharin. A detailed description of the NEP and Bukharin's role in forging early Soviet policy can be found in Stephen Cohen's Bukharin and the Bolshevik Revolution. He was a brilliant thinker who, unfortunately, history has largely forgotten.

What did Stalin do with Lenin's New Economic Policy?

Stalin scrapped Lenin's New Economic Policy (NEP) in favor of his own Five Year Plans. Stalin and other hardline Marxist/Communists felt that Lenin's NEP was a retreat from the move from capitalism to socialism and were angered over it. The NEP was kept in place by Stalin and his co-rulers after Lenin's death until 1929 when Stalin had eliminated his opposition and became the sole power in the Soviet Union. That is when he replaced the NEP with his own program for economic recovery.

When did Lenin's NEP or New Economic Policy end?

After the conflict over his succession ended with Stalin taking over.

Did Stalin continue Lenin's New Economic Policy?

No, Stalin ended the NEP in favor of what he called the Five Year Plans.

Who was the creator of new economic policy?

Lenin created the NEP in response to the Kronstadt Rising that occurred in March 1921, as these Kronstadt sailors were amongst his greatest supporters, and showed him that he obviously needed to change his policy from War Communism to the New Economic Policy.

1991 New economic policy of India Explain?

the NEP mainly came up with three major strategies liberalization privatization globalization

Why is the new economic policy important?

Because Lenin and other leading Communists, however, only intended the NEP to be a temporary retreat from the goals of communism.

What is the full form of NEP?

There are 56 known meanings for the acronym NEP. Some of them are National Estuary Program, New Economic Policy, and Needle Exchange Program. Others are Network Equipment Provider, New England Philharmonic, and North East Province.

What programs did Lenin establish once he came into power?

He established the NEP aka New Economic Policy to encourage production- workers where allowed to keep or sell what they grew.

Was NEP the leading policy-making body of the communist Party?

No, ULEMA was the leading policy-making body.

What kind of economy was the new economic policy?

The NEP (New Economic Policy) was designed to allow and attract foreign capital and investment into Russia to build its appallingly terrible economy. It was to allow the development of capitalism to an extent, but this capitalist element of the economy was kept small and helped the Bolsheviks establish socialism. Russia's economy under the NEP could not really be described as anything in particular (as there was not much of an economy in the first place), but if you had to put a label on it, you could say it was socialistic.

What caused the Soviet's Left Opposition great concerns during the NEP?

Writing from exile, Leon Trotsky recalled the problems that the Soviet's Left Opposition saw in the administration of the New Economic Policy, the NEP. Trotsky recalls that at the Eleventh Party Congress in 1923, that Lenin was forced to explain the need for bourgeois politicians and managers to make the NEP "work". This, Trotsky warned was a demonstration of how the Bolshevik Party was losing its Bolshevism.

Did Lenin intend to keep the New Economic Policy?

No, the NEP was designed to be a temporary reintroduction of petty capitalism into the socialist economy. It was to last only until the economy had gotten back to where it was no longer in danger of collapse.

A policy in which privately owned lands were taken from peasants and made to work on government owned lands?

After the 1917 Bolshevik revolution Lenin wanted to collectivize the farmlands of peasant farmers and especially those of the Kulaks. The results were poor so Lenin developed the NEP or New Economic Policy which ended the forced collectivism of private farmlands for a time. Later the NEP was changed and a program of full collectivism was begun.

Facts about Communist Russia?

In 1903, the communist party split between the bolsheviks and the Mensheviks. The first comunist police were know as Cheka&cheka. Vladamir Lenin signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk to get out of WW1. Lenin introdudced the NEP(new economic policy) because of how unpopular his policy of War Communism was.