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There were a few types of internal conflict in the movie 'Cinderella'. The major one is that Cinderella has been mistreated for so long that she has started to believe that she is just as unworthy as her family tells her. So, she finds it hard to believe that she has any business going to the ball in the first place. The other conflict is that she feels a misplaced sense of loyalty to her family and struggles with feelings that she needs to be obedient.

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What is the internal conflict in the Cinderella man the movie?

ewan ko sayo.

What is the conflict in the Cinderella man the movie?

epal ?

What was the conflict of the movie pay it forward?

Internal conflict of characters

What was the conflict to Cinderella?

cinderella vs. her step mother and sisters

What is the internal conflict of the movie blind side?

the internal conflict is not being able to have his family to help him grow as an individual

What is conflict in the movie Up?

Carl trying to get past death of Ellie. It's an internal conflict.

When did Cinderella become Cinderella?

in the first movie of cinderella

Who was Cinderella in the movie Cinderella?

ben ca

What was the conflict in the fairy tale Cinderella Disney?

cinderella eat her sister's pie

Who is the main character in Cinderella the movie?

Cinderella is the main character in the Cinderella movie. In the original movie, this particular character was voiced by Ilene Woods. The movie was first launched in the 1950s.

Was Cinderella or Ella popular when the movie Cinderella came out?


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Treasure island has a external conflict not a internal conflict

How old is Cinderella from the movie Cinderella?

She was 19 in the moderm day movie

What is the conflict in Cinderella the fariy tale?

The conflict in Cinderella was when, the was looking for the right person to fit the glass shoe. Many people think its when the step mother wont let cinderella go to the ball.

Is internal conflict a conflict of the mind?

yes it is in the mind..... internal conflict is when a character struggles in its mind

What is a type of conflict that takes place within a characters mind?

INternal conflict

Where could you find Cinderella?

in the movie Cinderella.

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portia internal conflict is comitting suicide

What part of speech is internal conflict?

Internal would be an adjective descrbing conflict, which would be a noun. The internal conflict is also a term used for a type of conflict in a story.

Internal conflict and external conflict?

Hey im learning about internal and external conflict in school right now.! Internal conflict is the main problem in a story. External Conflict is a problem that is not so important.

Is being half invisible an internal conflict or external conflict?

it is niether because an external is a conflict with others and an internal is a conflict with yourself.

What's the Internal Conflict and the External Conflict?

Internal Conflict is where the protagonist has problems with themself. External Conflict is where the protagonist has problems with the antagonist.

What is the internal conflict in the book twilight?

Edward being a vamp is the internal conflict :)

Sentence for the word internal conflict?

The internal conflict of the character was hard to solve