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Allied civilians and possibly European Jewish refugees

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Q: What was the internment with European civilians in China by the Japanese during World War 2?
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How were the Japanese in the US affected during the war?

See: Japanese American internment

What were some problems Japanese Americans faced during ww2?

Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbour, Japanese-Americans faced suspicion and hostility from US civilians. Following the attack, they were sent to internment camps until 1945.

Was the internment of the Japanese justified?

No it was not - they were American citizens who had done nothing wrong. They were not fighting on the Japanese side during the war. The internment was caused by fear and racism.

What camps were Japanese-Americans forced into during WW2?

Internment camps

Forced relocation and confinement of Japanese Americans during the war?


Where did Japanese Americans spend World War 2?

Japanese-Americans were sent to internment camps during World War II. This internment occurred even if they were no threat.

During World War 2 who was put in internment camps?

the Japanese Americans.

Who was forced into internment camps during World War 2?

The Japanese Americans

Were Chinese people placed into internment camps during ww2?

No only Japanese

Was mandala a internment camp during world war 1?

No --- I believe you're thinking of Manzanar. Manzanar was an internment camp used for the Japanese during WWII.

How many people were held in internment camps in US during ww2?

A little over 100,000 Japanese were held in internment camps.

Which was the largest Japanese internment camp during the second world war?

The largest Japanese Internment Camp built during World War 2 was the Oikawa camp in Nevada. It held approximately 50,000 people against their will during the war.

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