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What was the invention of Anthony Fokker?



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Anthony Fokker was an Dutch aircraft designer.

He is most well known for the aircraft he designed for the Germans during WW1.

Among his most well known airplanes was the Fokker Eindecker, Fokker Triplane

This website has a lot of information on Fokker As a single invention, what was best known was his interrupter which allowed firing a machine gun through the rotating propeller. This stopped the firing action in time with the position of the propeller blade so that bullets were fired only when the blade was out of the way. Allied aircraft failed to catch up with this piece of technology and many were fitted with bullet deflectors attached to the propeller which reduced its performance and could deflect individual rounds in unpredictable and occasionally dangerous directions. Also sorry to say that the Eindecker (one decker) was the Fokker monoplane. The Triplane was the Tridecker. (Dozens of references on the web.)