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What was the ivisible fumes of air called in the plague?

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Fumes are colloidail systems (solid-air or liquid-air).

fumes from planes factories the fumes from vehicles and the starting of fire can cause air pollution

Groups of religious fanatics called "Flagellants" travelled from town to town spreading the idea that the plague was a punishment from God. People also blamed strangers, witches, Jews, imbalanced humours (Blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm), poisonous fumes from volcanoes and earthquakes and miasma (bad air). None of these things were true, and the plague came from fleas that hovered around black rats, which transferred to humans when the rats died.

gas fumes rise. In general, a 'gas' will rise. But 'gasoline' fumes are heavier than air, so they sink. Of course they are 'fumes' so they will be easily circulated.

The pneumonic plague was spread through someone breathing in the same air as someone with the plague

the ice is going through a state called sublimation- it is turning staight from al solid (ice) to gas(water vapour). The fumes you see coming of is the water vapour

no, the plague virus is to spread through air not by mosquito

Mothballs work by releasing a chemical called Dichlorobenzene into the air. This kills moths and their larvae. The fumes are toxic to the moths and larvae.

Air and exhaust fumes essentially get trapped in the earth's ozone layer. Since these harmful fumes cannot escape, they get recycled back into the air. When combined with sun rays and light, the result is a hazy smog that blankets entire cities like Los Angeles.

Liquid droplets in air are called mists, smaller droplets are aerosols. Solid particulates are dust, smaller sized ar fumes.

No. Window air conditioners are completely self contained.

In addition to the bubonic plague, there are two other different diseases caused by the same organism, called the septicemic plague and the pneumonic plague. The bubonic plague is spread by rats and fleas; a person gets it by being bitten by an infected flea. The septicemic form is the same disease, except that it has spread into a person's blood stream, where it progresses more rapidly and is more likely to be lethal. If the plague gets into a person's lungs, then the form is the pneumonic plague, and it can be spread in the droplets in the air when that person coughs; another person can catch the pneumonic plague by breathing the air.

The major "myth" concerning the bubonic plague is that it was caused by god to punish the peoples of Europe and the surrounding area.AlsoThe movement of the suns and planets the four humours are out of balanceInvisible fumes in the air and poison in the airgiving other people evil looksfalling out with family members.

You can get rid of petrol or gas fumes by opening windows and running fans in the area where the fumes are located. You can run the fans so that they face outward and pull the air out toward the outside of the building.

A person should check for gas fumes when there is a gas leak. A person should also check for gas fumes if there is a smell of gas. There are items that can be purchased that will monitor for gas in the air.

If the car heat has a fresh air setting, then it could be drawing air from outside of the vehicle. The fumes are most likely coming from a problem under the hood.

Medieval doctors thought the plague was created by air corrupted by humid weather, decaying unburied bodies, and fumes produced by poor sanitation. The recommended treatment of the plague was a good diet, rest, and relocating to a non-infected environment so the individual could get access to clean air. This did help, but not for the reasons the doctors of the time thought. In actuality, because they recommended moving away from unsanitary conditions, people were, in effect, getting away from the rodents that harbored the fleas carrying the infection. Wikipedia

Yes, you could get the Black Plague by breathing near someone who already had the plague. The plague was transmitted through the spread of droplets in the air when a person coughed or sneezed. If you breathed those droplets, you could get the plague.

In presence of moisture, PCl3 hydrolyses to form HCl which fumes in air.The reaction is as follows: PCl3 + 3H2O -------> H3PO3 + 3HCl

by inhaling the air of the victim

No. In fact marijuana cleans the air just like a tree does. The "fumes" as you say , is nothing more than a smell.

For factories to not give off smoke or fumes into the air. ... hope that is what you wanted / needed

gasoline combined with air will explode, gasoline won't burn without air the fumes mixed with air will explode but the gasolin will burn

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