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The riddle game.

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How does gollum feel about Bilbo The Hobbit?

He hated him for taking the ring from him

How does Gollum behave in The Hobbit?

he tries to eat bilbo and is vicous

How is Bilbo able to answer the riddles on time in 'The Hobbit'?

Gollum misunderstood him. Bilbo was saying 'I need more time.' Gollum heard 'time', which was the answer.

How did Bilbo escape from the cave in The Hobbit?

In the Hobbit Bilbo escapes from the cave because Gollum thinks that he found his ring and knew the way out. So Gollum started to go to the exit but Bilbo had put on his ring and followed Gollum to the exit. However Gollum was blocking the exit because he was searching desperetly so Bilbo had to jump over him to escape. Gollum noticed the wind fly past him though but he didn't manage to catch Bilbo

Does gollum like Bilbo?

Considering that he tries to kill and eat Bilbo in "The Hobbit" and hates Frodo and Sam merely because they are related to Bilbo, I'd say that Gollum doesn't like Bilbo.

What was the point of the competition between Gollum and Bilbo?

Gollum promised to show Bilbo the way out if Bilbo won. And Gollum was going to eat Bilbo if he could.

What does The Hobbit find in the cave?

Bilbo found both the ring and Gollum.

How did gollum unexpectedly aids the hobbit in his escape?

Gollum leads Bilbo to the back door without meaning too.

What does gollum call Bilbo?

It really depends... Anything from "Baggins" to "nasssty hobbit."

How does Bilbo escape from Gollum in The Hobbit?

While running from Gollum Bilbo trips and the great ring of power "accidentially" slips onto his finger & he escapes while invisible.

How does gollum help Bilbo escape in the hobbit book?

Gollum, believing that Bilbo already knows the way out of the cave, leads an invisible Bilbo to the exit. Gollum also believed Bilbo to have his ring (his precious), so he fervently searched for him. However, Bilbo not knowing the way out of the tunnels, indeed found freedom by following Gollum. And indeed Bilbo did have the magic ring and was able to follow Gollum undiscovered because the ring made him invisible.

What was the deal between gollum and Bilbo?

Bilbo and Gollum agree to play the riddle game with each other. If Bilbo wins he will be free to go, but if Gollum wins he implies that he will kill and eat Bilbo.

What does Gollum call Bilbo as they separate?

In chapter 5 of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, Bilbo escapes from the greedy hands of Gollum. When Gollum realizes that chasing Bilbo is futile, he shouts this last line at Bilbo: "Thief, thief, thief! Baggins! We hates it, we hates it, we hates it for ever!," thus calling Bilbo both 'Thief' and 'Baggins.'

Is Gollum in The Hobbit?

Yes he is, Bilbo has a game of riddles with him and "steals" the ring (Gollum's precious) from his island

Is gollum on The Hobbit good or bad?

Bad, he tried to kill Bilbo after he discovered he had the One ring

Major similarities between The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings?

Bilbo baggins is in the hobbit and the lord of the rings and so is Gandalf. The Shire is also involved. Gollum (smeagol) and the ring are also involved.

How does the company escape Gollum in 'The Hobbit'?

The company isn't actually all with Gollum, only Bilbo. Bilbo uses the ring he picked up amid his wanderings to escape, which happened to be the one Gollum was looking for. It turns the wearer invisible.

How did Bilbo treat gollum?

Bilbo was scared of Gollum, being the strange and unpleasant shell of what was once a Hobbit, possessed by the ring. He soon realises that he is of the better intelligence and confuses him with riddles, before slipping away.

What is Bilbo and Gollum's game?

Bilbo and Gollum played riddles. If Gollum won he could eat Bilbo. If Bilbo won Gollum had to show Bilbo the way out of the cave.

What could the ring do in The Hobbit?

It turns the user invisible; Bilbo experienced this firsthand when he escaped the deranged Gollum.

3 turning points that changed Bilbo in the hobbit?

1. Bilbo is alone with Gollum while exchanging riddles (Gollum wants to eat him) 2. Bilbo is alone with Smaug trying to think of clever riddle names 3. Bilbo is alone with the spiders fighting them by himself

When Bilbo spared Gollum in 'The Hobbit' was that fate or his free will?

who can really tell? but if gollum had not survived the one ring could never have been destroyed.

How are Bilbo and Gollum dissimilar?

Bilbo is hairy, Gollum is not. Bilbo is sane, Gollum is not. Even though both are controlled by the One Ring, Bilbo is better able to resist it. Bilbo eats his fish cooked, Gollum "preferses" them raw and juicy.

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