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A page was akin to a houseboy who was trained to dress the Knight and care for his personal items as well as being trained in religion, hawking, manners, and learned combat with toy weapons. A squire was akin to a travel/war camp boy who was trained in dressing the Knight for battle and caring for the Knights weaponry as well as being trained to fight with real weapons. A page trained to become a squire. Then a squire trained to become a knight.

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Q: What was the knights pages job?
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What was the knights job in The Canterbury Tales?

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What is a knights most important job?

A knights most important job was to protect the serfs of the village.

Why were knights called pages?

no pages were their apprentices that ranked up to become a squire then a knight

What are knights in training called?

At first they were pages and then squires.

What did pages do?

They did the odd jobs for knights and were in training to become knights. They were the son's of nobles who showed promise of knighthood.

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the knights job was to fight, watch the village, and watch over the king.

What is a peseants job?

a peasants job is to look after and provide food for the knights

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What was a page's job in the middle ages?

Pages were young boys, aged 7 or 8 to 14 or so, apprenticed to knights. They were supposed to help the knight with chores in exchange for training to become a knight.

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What does squries means?

a squire is basically a knight in training, knights start as paiges (pages not certain) who were basically servants to the knights, later they became squires; usually helping knights with their gear (armor, weapons, assissting in battle), and eventually became knights

What was the role of page in medieval time?

Pages acted as personal servants to knights and barons.

What were squires job duties?

A squire is a job that the knights in medeivl times had to do befor becoming a knight

How old are pages in the Middle Ages?

Pages usually began their training at about age seven or eight. They served as pages for seven years, typically. After that they spent seven years or so as squires, and then they became knights.

Did knights get paid?

Yes they did get paid because its a risky and dangurous job.

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What was a knights duty?

A knights duty was to protect their city. The job if you want to put in more current view, they were kind of like the military of the middle ages.

What did knights do in the middle ages?

A knights job was too protect his lord, people, and the castle. they practiced their swordplay in a tournament. they were payed with food and land by the lords.