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The Cro-Magnon never died out. They evolved into modern Europeans.

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Which event or events could possibly have been a cause of the chinese cultural revolution?

I and II

How did Pebblefur die?

He had a lump on his belly and it could possibly have been cancer.

Which of the following events could possibly have been a cause of Spanish troops conquering the Inca capital Cusco.?

Which of the following events could possibly have been a cause of Spanish troops conquering the Inca capital Cusco.

Who was Euclid's mentor?

it is unknown, but could have possibly been Plato or Plato's students.

What film is this from If you have been weighed you have been measured and you have been found wanting In what world could you possibly beat me?

A Knight's Tale

Has anyone been frozen on Neptune?

None has been to Neptune, so no one could possibly have been frozen on Neptune.

Could the Vietnam War have been avoided?

If they hadn't been a communist country trying to take over another possibly. If the Soviet Union and/or Communist China were not involved, possibly.

Where did Erik the red die?

it is said that he possibly could have might have been murdered...maybe.

When is the word sorry used?

when you feel apologetic about something that could possibly have been your fault.

Was Tres Navere a Book Series?

It quite possibly could have been, but i am not entirely sure. sorry

This girl has been staring at you for 8 months what is she thinking?

Try to ask her... but she could possibly like you

Could there have been albino dinosaurs?

Possibly. No one knows though, as skin colour doesn't fossilize

Has the electric guitar been improved ever since its invention?

In more ways than you could possibly imagine

When was the first dog attack?

No one could possibly know. Dogs have been around for 1000's of years.

Who are James and Lily Potter's children?

They had one child; Harry Potter. Had they not been killed they could possibly have had more.

Which events could possibly have been a cause of the first Spanish colony in the Americas being established?

1 only

Could a 1971 Chevelle possibly have been built with the rear bumper?

all 71 chevelles had a rear bumper.

Could I be pregnant if I feel bloated but I have been going to the bathroom a lot?

Possibly. Take a test if your period doesn't arrive

Can you get pregnant without your tubes?

You could possibly get pregnant with artificial insemination, where the egg and sperm have already been matched up

What if your hymen is covered with what looks like white discharge?

It could be a yeast infection or possibly a STD if you have been sexually active.

Do navy seals wear a beret?

No beret has yet been manufactured that could possibly cover such a vast empty space.

How did Pastor Zachary Tim die?

It is unknown how he died . But police say it could possibly have been a heroine or cocaine overdose.

What is a place to display art?

Usually, works of art are displayed in an Art Gallery. Also possibly in a Museum or any other public place where an art exhibition has been set up.

When was the cat invented?

the cat has been around for as long as humans! Yes it is true it could possibly have been arount before then yeah even before dinosaurs jahzarma

What was Molly Pitchers place in Revolutionary War?

Molly Pitcher has been deemed as folklore, possibly based off of Mary Ludwig Hays