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Jim Morrison recorded "Orange County Suite" with two Paris street musicians in mid-1971. It is the last known performance of any kind by the former lead singer of "The Doors".

On December 12, 1970, Morrison had what is called a 'breakdown' on stage and refused to sing the rest of the concert. It is not recorded which song he was singing at the time, though he smashed his microphone stand into the stage with such force that the platform below was destroyed. This was the last "live" performance by "The Doors" who were preparing to record the album "L.A. Woman" in the studio.

In fact, L.A. Woman was recorded, including the smash single "Riders on the Storm"... which went on to have a mystical status after his death. The mellow, disturbing lyrics seemed to foreshadow Jim's death with images of an accident, a killer and a long holiday with family. So, the last hit single was "Riders on the Storm", though L.A. Woman also produced several much played songs, including the title cut.

The last song COULD NOT HAVE BEEN "The end", as it was a live rambling that was released on the group's very first self-titled lp in 1967 or so.

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Q: What was the last song Jim Morrison ever performed?
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