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Continued through end of production in 1932.

2006-08-04 10:47:38
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Q: What was the last year of production for the Winchester Model 1895 rifle in 30-40 Krag?
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When was Winchester model 1894 serial 21280 made?

Your very early model 1894 winchester rifle was made in the second year of production which was 1895.

I have a Winchester rifle that was built in 1895 how would you find the model and price of the rifle?

Blue Book of Gun Values, Winchester book by Madis

What is the value of Winchester cal 30 model 1895 rifle?

2500 try 3000

What is the value of a Winchester Rifle Model 1895 38-55 serial?

All my references indicate that the winchester model 1895 was never chambered in 38-55 winchester caliber.Is it possable that your rifle was rechambered in the past?Please check your caliber again.It could be that your rifle is chamered in 38-72 win.

When was a Winchester Model 94 30WCF with seriel number 33317 manufactured?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your WINCHESTER model 1894 rifle was made in the year 1895.

What is the age Winchester 94 serial 22213?

Your winchester model 1894 was made in the first full year of production,which was 1895.

Was the Winchester Model 1895 Sporting rifle offered with flip up rear sights?

I have an 1895 in 30-06 that has Redfield peep sights on it. The site is adjustable for range and windage. I know the sights were on it before 1960. I do not know if the came with the rifle because serial numbers indicate it was made in 1921 I have in my collection a reprinted catalog of Winchester repeating arms co.that was printed in June of 1896.This catalog shows no flip up sights offered from the factory at that time.(Rifle was new in 1895).My father in law has in his possession A Winchester model 1895 sporting rifle in 38-72Win caliber with a serial number that puts production in the year 1905.His rifle has a side mounted elevating peep sight that was added to the rifle in 1907.I do not believe that Winchester ever offered a flip up peep sight for this rifle.Redfield,Marbles and Lyman I believe were the 3 main suppliers of after market sights for the Model 1895 rifle.

What year was Winchester 1894 serial number 32066 made in?

Wow that's a early Winchester model 1894! Your rifle was produced in 1895.

What year was Winchester Model 1890 serial number 34331?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 1890 .22cal pump action rifle was produced in the year 1895.

What is the fair value of a Winchester model 1895 made in 1901?

In order to assign a value to your Winchester model 1895 rifle,I would need a more detailed description of the overall condition of the rifle in question.These rifles are very collectable and you would be wise to have a member of the Winchester collectors assoc.evaluate your rifle and assess a hard value to your rifle.This will be based on the overall remaining finish on the rifle,any special order options it may have,and the rarity of the rifles caliber.

Is there a model 95 Mauser Rifle?

There is a model 1895.

How much is a 1895 Winchester 12 gauge worth?

The Winchester model 1895 was a rifle,not a shotgun.If you are reffering to your shotgun being made in 1895,Then I would need to know the model number and serial number to give you a accurate value along with the shotguns overall condition(amount of blueing remaining,and finish to the buttstock and forearm).

What is the value of a winchester 405 model 1895?

If we are talking about a original Winchester model 1895 rifle chambered in .405Win.caliber?The value will be between 1,100 dollars for a rifle showing 10% of its original finish,up to a fine example showing 70% of its original finish being worth 3,250 dollars.On top of these prices,because your rifle is chambered in .405 Win. caliber you can add another 75% to the above listed values.It would be best if you had a Winchester collectors assoc.member evaluate your rifle for a more exact value.

How can you find the value of your Winchester Model 94 Serial Number 15016?

The value of these Fine Winchester model 1894 rifles made in the year 1895 are considerable.You would be best served to have your rifle appraised by a member of the Winchester collectors assoc.,or serious gun collector that specializes in Old Winchester lever action rifles.This rifle could be valued at between 1,000-2,000 dollars or more.

What year did Winchester make the first 30-30 caliber rifle?


Who owned serial number 15711 Winchester Model 94?

There is no way of knowing who owned this rifle.A Winchester model 1894 rifle which was made in the year 1895 could have had many owners over the last 118 years.The best that you could do is get a letter from the Cody museum which houses the records of Winchester and see were the rifle was shipped to and to who.This letter will cost 65 dollars i believe.

What is a fair value of a Winchester Model 1895 US Theodore Roosevelt model1895 24 karat gold only 250 made 30.6 rifle?

500 USD

What is the history of the mauser chileno modelo 1895?

I can start you in the right direction.This was a military contract for the model 1895 mauser by the chilean government.These rifles and carbines were produced by mauser at there facility of loew in Berlin Germany. they produced four different types of 1895 mauser,the 1895 rifle army model,1895 rifle anchor crest,model 1895 short rifle,and 1895 carbine.these are good quality mauser small ring rifles.please remember that they cannot with stand the pressures of the large ring 1898 rifle.

What year was Winchester model 94 serial number 15572?


How old is a winchester model 95?

Without you providing a serial number,I can only say that the Winchester model 1895 was made from 1896-1931.

How do you identify a Winchester rifle by serial number 46613?

The model number of the rifle should be stamped into the barrel by the Winchester name. If the barrel doesn't have the Winchester name, the model of the gun, and the caliber it's chambered for stamped into it, it's not the barrel that came with the gun. This will complicate the identification and you'll need to post a picture to get an answer. The serial number on a Winchester rifle is only unique to the particular model. Pretty much every model rifle Winchester ever made had one unit with that serial number. It could be anything from a lever action 1895 to a model 12 pump shot gun. If you're have both the model number and serial number, go to the website listed below to find the date it was made. Scroll down to "Related Links" and click on "Arms Collector". These guys turned the Winchester Archives from the Cody Museum into a searchable database

How old is Winchester 94 with serial number 26607?

2nd year of production- 1895

Is there a picture of the 75th anniversary model 1895 savage rifle?

What is a 75th anniversary model 1895 lever action savage arms worth

What is the value of a Winchester model 94 from 1895 in good condition?

Roughly $3800.00

What is the age of a Winchester model 1892 serial number 77359?

It was made in 1895