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Mozart was born on January 27 1756 and died on December 5 1791 at the age of 35 years.

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What jobs did Mozart have during his life?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a composer, performer and a conductor his entire life.

What Mozart composer?

Mozart composer was likely to be his Father.

Was Mozart a famous explorer or composer?

Mozart was a famous composer

What nationalaty is Mozart?

Mozart was a composer and pianist. He was an Austrian composer. He was born in 1756.

Is Mozart Irish?

No. The composer Mozart was Austrian.

Was Mozart a Poet?

No. Mozart was a music composer.

What was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart job?

Mozart was a composer.

Is Mozart a classical singer?

No, Mozart was a classical composer.

Was Mozart a famous explorer inventor or composer?


Did Mozart want to be a composer when he was young?

He was a composer when he was young.

Was Mozart a famous explorer a inventor or composer?


Mozart was a great composer of what period?

Mozart (1756-1791) was a composer of the classical period (18th century).

Is Mozart a composer or musician?

Mozart was a composer, but an accomplished musician too. His father taught him to play the piano.

Was Mozart a painter?

no, he was composer.

What were Mozart jobs?

He was a composer.

Which classical composer was named amadeus?

Mozart ... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

How many paintings did Mozart paint?

Mozart was a composer of music not a painter.

How did Mozart become a composer?

by his music

Why is Mozart important?

He is a famous composer.

What composer was known as the wunderkind?


Who is don Giovanni's composer?


Was leoplod Mozart a composer?

Yes he was

Who was Mozart and what did he do?

A composer and he composed music

What was Mozart dads job?


Wolfgang amadeus were the forename of which famous composer?

Mozart ... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.