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The French and Indian War was the longest US war before 1850.The longest US war in history was the Vietnam War.

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Q: What was the longest US war before 1850?
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Why was Zachary Taylor important in the Civil War?

Zachary Taylor died on 9 July 1850 long before the US Civil War.

What was the Second longest war in US history?

The second longest war in U.S. history to date was the War in Vietnam. In June 2010 Operation Enduring Freedom(The War In Afghanistan surpassed the Vietnam War for the longest in US History. If you count the "Cold War" as a war then Operation Enduring Freedom would be the second longest war in US History.

Longest us war?

The war on drugs

What was the longest war the US has ever entered?

The longest war the United States ever entered was the Vietnam War.

What is the third longest us war in us history?

Second world war

What is the second longest war in US?

Vietnam war.

What was the longest war in the us history?

Vietnam War

What is the longest war the US has been involved in?

Cold war

How did the compromise of 1850 settled the debate over slavery in the land that the us gain after the mexcain war?

by war

Was the Afghanistan war a long war?

The US has been fighting in Afghanistan longer it was fighting in Vietnam. It is the longest war in US history.

Was the cold war the longest war the US was in?

Viet Nam 1961-1975

The Compromise of 1850 dealt with territory that the US had acquired because of which event?

the Mexican War

The US troops fought the longest war in what country?


What was the longest war involving the US ate?

In the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, it was the Vietnam War.

When did California become a part of the US?

California became part of the US in 1846 when they conquered it during the Mexican War and then became a US State in 1850.

Why was the Missouri Compromise of 1850 a link to the US Civil War?

The Missouri Compromise of 1850 was made a moot compromise with the introduction of the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854. Neither pieces of legislation can be demonstrated as a cause of the US Civil War. And, both laws were deemed unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court in the Dredd Scott case of 1857.

When did the Afghan war start with US?

In 2001, shortlly after 9/11. It is the longest war ever fought by the US against a foreign enemy.

Southeast Asian country that US fought its longest war in?


How did the US gain Utah as a state?

Utah became a territory in 1850 folloewing the Mexican-American War

What was the longest war in the war?

The longest war in US history was the Indian Wars (Fighting on the Frontier); from 1620 (Pilgram landing) through 1890 (Wounded Knee). Approximately 270 years of war between the Red Man and the White Man.

What was the longest US war fought?

Afghanistan... The one we're still fighting.

What has been the longest war in the US history?

Afghanistan, it will be twelve years this fall.

What factors made slavery in the US an issue before 1850?

morals, politics, economy, and legal issues

Which president chewed tobacco?

Zachary Taylor (1784-1850), the 12th US President, who served from 1849 to 1850 before dying in office. He was succeeded by his Vice-President, Millard Filmore.

What did the US do with the Philippine islands after the war?

After the Philippine-American War, the US governed the Philippines as a US possession. As it had promised to do before the war, after World War 2 the US granted independence to the Philippines.