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The main idea of Rapunzel is that Rapunzel wants to see the world and explore but she can't go because shes locked up in a tall tower. Then a prince climbes up her tower and Rapunzel is saved and becomes a princess.

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It depends on which version of the story Rapunzel you read but for the most part the main characters are Rapunzel, the Prince, and the evil witch who locks Rapunzel in the tower.

the main character of the tangled is rapunzel

is when she unrolled the hair and run of the town

Question: 1 What is the story rapunzel about? 2 What are the characters in rapunzel? 3 Why did Rapunzel throw down her hair? 4. How does isolation relate to rapunzel? 5. Where does rapunzel live?

A stated main idea is when the author says the main idea right in the story where an implied main idea is where the author gives you clues to the main idea and you have to infer it.

what the whole story is about that is what main idea mean.

Rapunzel is a great hero.

Rapunzel was created in 1812.

A prince rescues Rapunzel

what is the problem in the story rapunzel

the main idea is the idea that's most impotent.

Rapunzel Eugene/Flynn Mother Gothel These are the main characters

A stated main idea is when the writer of the particular piece clearly identifies what the main idea is. In contrast, an unstated main idea is when the writer references the main idea, but does not clearly name it.

the main idea is the main topic talked about

Main idea with information

there is a rapunzel game: gameboard videogame.

Rapunzel comes from the Medieval German culture. Like all themes and direct messages during this time, it bases off of the idea of good defeating evil, and love will overcome everything.

The difference is that the stated main idea is there in the text but the implied main idea is what you think the author was trying to convey.

Well there is the young man and woman. They are Rapunzel's parents and aren't given a name. there is Mother Gothel. She is the enchantress/witch who took Rapunzel from the man and woman. Rapunzel is the child the and woman have, and she is the main character in the story. She is named after the flower the man stole for the woman, the Rampion. The prince, which Rapunzel falls in love with, is not given a name. And finally there is the 2 children Rapunzel gives birth to in the story. In some stories they are twins and others they are just a boy and a girl

the antonym of main idea is "detail".

a main idea that is not stated in the speech.

The main idea of a book is the theme.

Implies main Idea is a sentence has written with reader which is related with the main idea from the Author

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