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To get back the cotton revenues - half of all US exports.

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What Is The Main purpose Of The Civil Rights Movement?

To achieve Civil Rights for African-Americans.

The souths main goal of the civil war was to?

to recognition that they are their own "country" that is the main purpose why the south started the civil war

What was the main advantage of the North during the US Civil War?

The main advantage of the North during the US Civil War was the number of soldiers in the army.

What was the source of labor for the north during the civil war?

The industry was the main source of labor for the North.

What is the main purpose Lincolns second inaugural address?

The main idea is that slavery was the primary cause of the Civil War.

The thirteenth amendment was proposed before the Civil War what was the purpose?

The Thirteenth Amendment was proposed after the Civil War and it's main purpose was to grant slaves freedom and outlaw slavery.

What was the North's main goal in the civil war when it began?

when the civil war began, what was the main goal of the union (the north)

What was the main purpose of the Abolitionist movement?

This movement was dedicated to the abolition of slavery that exsisted mostly in the North in the years leading up to the Civil War. This movement had both black and white members.

The civil war had been raging over two years when Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address what was the main purpose of his speech?

the civil war had been raging over two years when lincoln gave the gettysbug address.what was the main purpose of his speech?

What was the main purpose of France's north American empire?

The main purpose of France's North American empire was the fur trade. The French built many fortified posts for fur trading, one of which was near the Mississippi River.

What was the purpose of the monroe doctrine-?

The main purpose of the Monroe Doctrine was to keep European influence out of both North and South America.

What was the main goal of the north before the civil war?

There main goal in the beginning was not to end slavery but to reunite as one country.

What was the main purpose of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

To outlaw racial segregation in public places and employment.

What is the Main purpose of the sydney harbour bridge?

The main purpose of the bridge was to connect the North and South shores of Sydney, because travel between the two shores was limited to ferries

Who were important generals in the civil war?

North: U.S. Grant was the main generalSouth: Robert E. Lee was the main general

What was the main motive of the civil war?

It was to end slavery and stop the controversy between the North and the South.

How was America different after the civil war?

The main difference was that (because the north won) slavery was abolished.

What were the 4 main advantages that the north had going into the war?

the North had good generals, a firm purpose, willing soldiers, and a good God.

What is the 14 amendment about?

It defines citizenship. The main purpose was after the civil war and slaves were free, it granted citizenship to them and their descendants.

Who were the main military leaders for the civil war?

the main military leader of the north was Abraham Lincoln and the military leader of the south general lee

What were the main causes of the civil war?

Slavery, the North wanted to abolish it while the South fought to keep it.

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