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There was no single reason for Hitler comng to power. The main factors of his rise to power were: 1) An economic depression resulting from World War I. 2) The fear of communism. 3) Hitler's appeal to nationalism. 4) Hitler's ability to manipulate the political system. Hitler was coming to power on 31st January 1933 so he would make another war good for the Germans. He was asking the Japanese for help I think. The Japanese was trying to invade China, Germany to invade England. The war started on 9th September 1939 to be exact. War ships were active 1933 - 1945.

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Was hitler the main reason why World War 2 began?

yes hitler is main reason of ww2 because he break rule or treaty. \

Why did Adolf Hitler gain his power?

Hitler think they are the master race and there was nazis.Nazi was the main source of there power.

Why Does Hitler Kill Jews?

The main reason why Hitler killed Jews is to show that he had power and control. He believed that the Jews were responsible for most of the evils that were happening in the world among other things.

What is the main reason why the holocaust started?

Because hitler was sexist

What was the main reason Jews hated Hitler?

Because he killed millions of them.

Why was Hitler want power?

In the 1930's Hitler wanted power for his Radio as it was the main equipment for communications. The standard 240 volts.

What was the main goal for the allied powers?

To beat Hitler and get him out of power.

Was Hitler the main reason for World War 2?

You could say so.

Hitler as a public speaker?

Hitler was an excellent public speaker, which was a main reason why he got so many people to follow him.

What is the main reason for the coming Holocaust?

Put simply: unbelief.

What was the primary reason of the holocaust between Hitler coming to power and the holocaust itself?

Hitlers agenda was to create a so called pure arian cultural community Hence the programmes to exterminate Jews Homosexuals and Gypsies for the main part Who knows what might have happened had he won WWII ?

What did Hitler beileve in?

Hitler wasa very political man. After WWI he belived that the Jewish people were the main reason that war started. He was just prejudice about them. I don't know why considering when his mother was sick a Jewish nurse cared for her. Hitler belived in power. He thought Jewish people were AWFUL. That is what Hitler believed in!

Was hitler the main factor for the Nazi's rise to power?

Hitler was not a factor. He was the phsycopath who used all of the factors to his advantage.

Why did Hitler have trouble claiming part of Czechoslovakia?

i think that the main reason was that the Czechs had a strong military!

What was the main reason for Adolf Hitler popularity?

The depression caused all to look for a strong leader

Was the Nazi party involved in the holocaust?

Yes, they where the main reason for it. Hitler was head of the Nazi Party.

Main reason for us imperialism?

Money and Power

How did Kim Jong-il gain and maintain power?

kim jong-il inherited power from his father. he had to win over the people first however but the main reason for him coming into power is because of his fathers accomplishements that he followed on from.

What was the main reason the french colonized quebec?

There are a lot of reasons but i think the main reason was that the French king wanted more power

What was the main reason why Mao came to power?

he came to power by giving head to his dad

What main reasons did Hitler have for his involvement in World War 2?

Any excuse or reason will serve a fanatical tyrant. No matter how little or large amount of power they have. ANY excuse will serve tyrant. All Hitler had to do was want to attack, and his mindless followers did without question.

Main causes of war?

the main reason of war is politics land and power but also religion

Who was in power World War 2?

IN ww2 Europe the main power was Germany ran by its dictator Adolf Hitler. By, Husky Pratt

What is the main reason for a long time on death row instead of hasty executions right after the death sentencing trial?

This is a debateable question -but- the main reason is the almost constant flood of appeals of the death sentence that keep coming, and coming, and coming, and coming, and coming, and........ (well, you get the idea). They are funded by groups whose purpose is to thwart the death penalty for various, ostensibly "humanitarian" reasons.

Hitler had areasons to kill the Jews?

Hitler was a purely psychotic person. His main reason being that he wanted to kill the Jews was to extinct their race. He had no legit reason to kill those innocent people, he was just a very racists person!