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Slash is a puntuation or symbol?


What is the division symbol on a calculator?


Why do some symbol have a slash across them and others dont?


What is the circle with the slash called?

Prohibited or prohibition symbol

What is a backward slash?

A backward slash is a slash that tips backwards (\), as opposed to a forward slash that tips forwards (/).

What symbol does a computer use to show division?

A forward slash "/"

What is the symbol for not equal to zero?

An equal sign with a slash through it?

What is the symbol for not congruent?

think a congruent sign with a slash through it.

What is a symbol for not equal to?

Put a slash through an equal sign.

In UNIX you combine commands using a pipe which is entered as a forward slash?

The pipe symbol is a vertical bar (|), not a forward slash.

What is a similar meaning for chop?

hack or slash

What does writing a slash mean?

It means typing or writing this little symbol /

Symbol used to mark a spare on a bowling scoresheet?

/ slash mark

What does forward slash do in Excel?

The forward slash (/) is the division symbol in Excel. =A1/A2 divides the value of cell A1 by the value of cell A2.

What is the meaning of the symbol slash if use in a sentence?

When read aloud, it should typically be replaced with the word 'or'. For instance, if you read "I have a dog/cat kennel", you would say aloud "I have a dog or cat kennel"

What is the name for the symbol above the backward slash or a qwerty keyboard?

It's the vertical bar

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What does symbol of greater than with a line under it and a slash through it mean?

Not greater than or equal to.

How do you make the division symbol on a mac?

hold alt and then hit the forward slash and question mark to get this: ÷

Is there a divide key on a normal keyboard?

The Division symbol is just a slash ( / ) . Apparently, no, there's none.

What is the symbol for baht?

A B with a straight slash right down like this ฿ or you just write THB

What is the proofreading symbol for using a lowercase?

Put a mark through the capitalized letter.

What additional symbol does a closing tag has as compared to the starting tag?

The closing tag's opening symbol (the less-than sign) is immediately followed by a slash (sometimes called a "forward slash" to distinguish it from back slash.)Here's the opening for a paragraph tag:And the closing/p>As you can see, the difference here is a slash. Also not that the slash is used at the ending of "empty elements" in any version of HTML when trying to comply with XML syntax. So, in XHTMLShould instead be writtenThis only effects XML compliant versions of HTML.

What does a symbol that looks like you slash m3 mean?

/m3 could mean per cubic meter

What symbol replaces the colon when ratio is written as a fraction?

A forward slash. 2:5 or 2/5