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What was the military role of Polish women during World War 2?

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How many women served in the military during World War 2?

About 350,000 US women served in the US military.

What were the roles of Russian women during World War 2?

During World War 2, women were involved in war work and as members of the military.

What are facts about women during World War 2?

About 350 thousand US women saw military service during WWII.

What percent of women served in the military during World War 1?


Were women in the army during world war 2?

300,000 women served in World War 2 in both the military, the Red Cross, the USO, and in civilian jobs. Most of them were in the military.

During world war 2 women were recruited into military to?

Yes but they were not recruided to fight.

What were some ways that women served in the military during World War 2?


What awards were women presented with because of their help in world war 1?

Women were not allowed to serve in the militaryduring WWI

How many women were drafted into military service during World War 1?

Women were, and are never DRAFTED. only men.

What were women in the military during World War 2 called?


Why did the women work during world war 2?

Because most of the men were in the military services

How many men and women volunteered or were drafted into the military during world war 2?


How many military men and women died during World War 2?

No women was reported to have served in any army in WW2. However, the military death toll is about 25 Million.

What jobs did the women have in the military during World War 2?

From WW2 up until the end of the Vietnam War, military women were primarily nurses and administrative personnel. Just under 1,000,000 women worked in the armed forces.

How was Japan citizens do during World War 2?

Women were sent to the factories and men were conscripted into military service.

What were two reasons why men and women joined the military during World War 2?

Patriotism and peer pressure.

Did women enter the workforce because man were called to serve in the military during world war 2?


Did women wear nail polish in world war 2?


How many people fought for the US during World War 2?

Approximately sixteen million men and women served in the United States military during World War II.

What was the role of civilians in Japan during World War 2?

Men were conscripted into military sevice. Women were to work in factories.

When did the women join the military during World War 2?

Congress authorized the Women's Auxiliary Corps in May of 1942.

What role did women play in America during World War 2?

The filled the jobs men left to serve in the military

What did many women do during the war?

Under my best knowledge about women do in World World II were builing up military suppiles. In the United States spend building up airplnes, tanks, boats, submarines, and other military equipment. Some women were part of the us military army as nurses. I hope with this answer could help anyone in the history class

What were the roles of women in military production during World War 2?

I read this from a book, but women in ww2 made air crafts for Britain during the war of Britain. ( Britain defending against Germany)

What military roles did women have in World War 2?

Most military women were nursing the injured. Some women cooked and washed for the soldiers.