What was the most dangerous camp to go to in the Holocaust?

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Most dangerous camps The chances of survival were almost nil at the extermination ('death') camps - that is camps built purely for gassing people. These were as follows: Auschwitz II, Treblinka, Majdanek, Chelmno, Sobibor and Belzec. Note that Treblinka had a small labour camp attached to it.

If you are looking for a 'record' of sorts, at Belzec 434,508 Jews and an unknown number of gypsies were slaughtered, and there were only two (!) known survivors at the end of the war - Rudolf Reger who emigrated to Canada and Chaim Hirszman, who was murdered by Polish nationalists in 1946.

There was also Maly Trostinents, near Minsk, Belarus. It is virtually unknown, except among specialists on the Holocaust. The main reason is said to be that there are no known survivors at all out of about 50,000 victims taken there.
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What did concentration camp survivors do after the Holocaust?

Holocaust . Generally, I believe they began to either return to their homes, moving as they could, searching for their family; or they immigrated to other countries to begin again. Try searching at the National Holocaust Museam's webpage http://www.ushmm.org

How did people get to the camps during the Holocaust?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThe Germans siezed them out of their homes, churches, and work places. They were often piled into railroad cars with no food or water, and no sanitary facilities, and shipped across country to the camps. Cars would sit in the sidings in the hot sun, or icy winter fo ( Full Answer )

What were concentration camps during the Holocaust?

Concentration camps were camps that the Jews were sent to during the time of the Holocaust. There were four major concentration camps. Most were killed there in torturous ways, forced into physical labor, or forced into sexual slavery. Not only Jews were sent there though also gypsies, homosexuals, ( Full Answer )

What happened at the camps in the Holocaust?

at the camps during the holocaust they were tortured. yes they were tortured but they were beaten very brutally every man and women had to shave their head and were little clothing for the men they gave them potato sack bags to wear and for the women the same but they us ally gave them striped outfi ( Full Answer )

Where did most people go after the Holocaust was over?

After the Holocaust most people went back to their homes but instead of finding their homes their neighborhoods were destroyed. So techniquelly there is no answer to this question because we simply don't know unless we were in the holocaust ourselves.

What was the most famous concentration camp in the Holocaust?

I think it was Auschwitz Birkenau, from the story Night, by Elie Wiesel. ____ Not just because of the book Night . It was also the biggest and killed more than any other camp. Already in the late 1940s, before the word holocaust was widely used, Auschwitz was sometimes used in this sense. ( Full Answer )

What was it like in the concentration camps on the holocaust?

Life in the camps was pretty good, especially as concentration camps go...certainly much better than the American camps that held the Japanese! The food rations were adequate, and many of the camps had a variety of activities to entertain the inmates. They had movies, live theater/vaudeville, orch ( Full Answer )

Who ran the extermination camps in the Holocaust?

The Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps were run by the SS. More specifically, the leader of the SS, Heinrich Himmler. He ordered the execution of some 6 million Jews over the course of 3 years.

What different category of Holocaust camps were there?

During the holocaust their was onlya small type of camps Concentration camps - Camps where is to just keep people and torturing them to concentrate them. Extermination camps - Camps where it only main purpose to to Exterminate people asmuch as possible Death camps - Same as a Extermination camp bu ( Full Answer )

When were the Holocaust concentration camps exposed?

People in Germany and abroad knew about the ordinary concentration camps.. The first extermination camp liberated was Majdanek (in a suburb of Lublin, Poland), which was liberated by the Soviet Army in July, 1944. They invited journalists from Allied countries to visit it and report on what they fo ( Full Answer )

Was most of the German populace aware of Jewish extermination in concentration camps during the Holocaust?

I think, I do not know, the answer to this is that most Germans were wholly unaware of what happened to those that were no longer to be seen on the streets anymore. And of course it was in their interests not to want to know. Not even to ask. Secrecy pervades during the rule of tyrants, darkness clo ( Full Answer )

Where did most people go during the Holocaust?

If the Jews were not caught they went into hiding like Anne Frank did. I know that Anne Frank stayed in a secret annex with another family while in hiding. If the Jews were caught they had to go to concentration camps. I have heard that once the Nazis told the Jews that they could take a bath in a g ( Full Answer )

How did people survive in camps of the Holocaust?

Most camp survivors were from one of the following categories of prisoners:. Those given office jobs in the camps and others given non-manual jobs. . Those released by the Nazis. . Some of those taken to camps at a very late stage and not held for long. . Obviously, those sent to extermination ( Full Answer )

What would they do to you at a concentration camp in the Holocaust?

Starve you, work you to death, torture you. That is if you were healthy enough to work. If not, you were killed. The most famous excecution method was the gas chambers. It looked like u were getting a shower but instead of water gas came out.

Describe the concentration camps in the Holocaust?

Concentration camps were camps that the Jewish, Gypsie, or other people were forced to go to, to be tortured or forced to do work. Adolf Htiler and the German Nazi Soldiers did not like those kind of people so they decided to put them in camps, called Concentration camps. They put them in these camp ( Full Answer )

What were the conditions in Holocaust concentration camps?

It depended what camp you were in. The true conditions can only be related by someone who was interred in one of them. From what I have read the conditions were inhumane to the point of death. People were starved, beaten, raped, experimented on, and eventually put to death in cruel and evil ways. Ov ( Full Answer )

What were labor camps during the Holocaust?

There were many types of camps within the overall camp system in Europe. Labor camps (Arbeitslager or "AL") were usually subcamps built around a factory, with the main goal to be labor for the Reich. Germans would in some cases work the Jews to death and starve them.

Which concentration camp had the most deaths in the Holocaust?

The highest death tolls were at the extermination camps and especially at:. Auschwitz. At least 1.1 million victims perished in the Auschwitz group of camps, and of these about 90% were Jews. This is a deliberately cautious estimate by Franciszek Piper, head of the Auschwitz Museum research departm ( Full Answer )

Do kids had to go to concentration camps Holocaust?

I don't think so, probably only if they could work. Mostly, they were killed. Added: Yes, even children were sent to the Concentration Camps - reason being is that the people being sent there thought they were only going to work camps and didn't know they were going to be killed. The Nazi's feare ( Full Answer )

Were there any Holocaust camps in America?

No, the US did not participate in the Holocaust. I hope you are not confusing the Holoccaust with World War 2. Please see the related question.

What are the death camps in the Holocaust?

the death camps during the Holocaust were actually called concentration camps, its purpose was to prison all the minorities that the Nazis were trying to get rid of, such as the Jews.

What were some infamous camps in the holocaust and why?

Chelmno - because only two people survived from the camp. Auschwitz - was the largest camp (group) and produced the most victims. Treblinka - the busiest of the 'Action Reinhardt' camps and the one that most of the Warsaw ghetto would meet their end in.

What is the most credible primary source about conditions in Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust?

The camps changed somewhat over time. A good source is Eugen Kogon, The Theory and Practice of Hell . Kogon was held in Buchenwald as a political dissident from 1938-45. He survived because he was given a junior job as as an assistant to one of the camp doctors. He had access to many secret docume ( Full Answer )

What did death camps do in the holocaust?

They killed jews... they were the main cause of the source of outrage directed towards the Nazis. They were evidence against the fact that mankind had matured and was no longer base and evil at heart.

Who administered the holocaust camps?

S. S. officers, and among those who were tried after the war, an appalling number of them turned out to be true sociopaths who's view of herding thousands of people to mass slaughter and keeping the others in line by torture was simply: "I was doing my job".

How were prisioners separated at the camp the holocaust?

Hitler popularized the ideology that Germans were the master race of Earth and that everyone else was inferior. Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat for Germany's problems, and believed that they and any deemed as a life unworthy of living was no use beyond working in a labor camp. He basically targe ( Full Answer )

When were the concentration camps from the Holocaust abolished?

Many were abolished during early to mid 1945, when the Germans attempted to erase all evidence of the massacre they had committed. However, some concentration camps, such as Auschwitz, are still open to this day as museums or memorial places.

What happened to the extermination camps of the holocaust?

Most of them were disassembled and their parts re-used when thier role was over. Auschwitz was the main part of the 'Final Solution', the extermination centre was kept opperational until late into 1944, though the Germans managed to disassemble most of it, there was still one gas chamber online i ( Full Answer )

What were the most infamous Holocaust concentration camps?

Though a sad subject the Holocaust had an abundance of concentration camps. The more infamous ones are Auschwitz, Chelmno, and Belzec. An extreme amount of people were exterminated at these camps. Hopefully the world has learned from this hard lesson.