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For Bombers:AnswerThe B-17 was most effective. Answer-> B-17 was a four-engine American bomber used i.e. when bombing Germany. Why the heck should that plane have been the most effective??? Why not then the british equivalent Lancaster-bomber, even able to bomb at high precision during night??? The problem is what you mean by effective... do you mean the most adequate for its purpose? Or the overall (whole WW2) most deadly airplane? None of the bombers can be called most effective... as they were effective bombers (especially the dive-bombers like the Stuka), but they all (even the slow B-17!) relayed on cover by escorting fighters. And don't forget... bombers were mainly used against civilians... so what's effective in bombing civilians (whole cities)?

One of the most deadly (or probably the most deadly at all) airplanes of WW2 was the single engine (propeller) German fighter Messerschmitt Bf-109. It was a performing and well developed airplane... but the main cause why it should have been the most deadly one is that it was produced more than any other war-plane (till today) - more than 30'000 times. It was used during the whole war - even before that, when the Germans used it in Spain (civil war). There were many many different improved versions of it. The Focke-Wulf was the only other fighter that was used in a considerable amount besides the Bf-109. The biggest part of those famous German fighter pilots used the Messerschmitt... the best 100 aces scored together more than 15'000 air-victories... beside all the other pilots! Some destruction of 70'000 allied planes is attributed (assumption) to the Luftwaffe... and quite a few to this model!

But everything is relative... there were very good allied planes, too. And probably Germans had others good models as well. It would be silly to choose one of them as "the best ever"... this can't be done.


For Fighters:

Answer: P51 D Mustang

The mustang was faster more maneuverable than anything the axis powers had, I t was built and designed by North American Aviation. The Mustang was the fighter that could go the longest distance with out refueling in the war. It was faster than any thing the axis had until the ME-262 and the ME-163 came out. The mustang went toe to toe with the FW-190 and the BF-109/Me-109. I t was used right up to the start of the Korean War that's when it was decommissioned

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Q: What was the most effective plane used in World War 2?
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