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The Olympic Games.

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Q: What was the most famous sport competition in ancient Greece?
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How did it the Olympics become a popular sport?

The Olympics are not actually not a sport but is a ancient competition but its been popular in Greece since 3-5000 years a go.

What kind of sport did ancient Greece have?


What was the first sport in ancient Greece?


What is the most famous sport played in ancient Greece?

throwing weird shapes like a round rock or spears

What was thrown in the ancient Greece Olympic sport?

a disc

What was the most common sport in ancient Greece?


Which ancient civilization did the sport of cuju originate?


What is the most famous Olympics sport?

Probably track and field, since it has been in the Olympics since the original games in ancient Greece.

What type of sport is famous at Greece?

Greek Dancing

What was the least common sport in ancient Greece?

wolverine wrestling

Where was boxing first played?

Ancient Greece is where it was first recorded as a sport.

What was a popular sport in Ancient Greece in 2000bc?

the javelin throw & discus

What was the most popular sport in the Olympics in Ancient Greece?

The sprint race.

Is there a famous competition in fencing?

It's an Olympic sport, so yes.

What was ancient Greece discus?

Dialogue is the proper word for the ancient Greek meaning discuss If the question refers to the discus - the athletic throwing event in the track and field competition which is an Olympic Games sport then we have the word discos/ δίσκος.

What sport do teams complete for the Davis cup?

Tennis is the sport that there is a famous competition called the Davis Cup.

What is the oldest organized sport?

I believe it is foot racing from ancient Greece. Possibly.

Is it true that in ancient Greece sport games were popular only in Olympia?


What raquet sport is a famous 3 eventing competition?

Anything you can do to beat somebody with it.

What the most famous sport in ancient times?

gladiator fight

Where did the sport of wrestling begin?

Wrestling began in th B.C.'s in Ancient Greece.

What is the sport of an ancient Greece Olympic Games that involves throwing?

Discus, Javelin, Wrestling.

When was sport begein?

Sports have been around for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations had sports. The Olympics comes from Ancient Greece.

What is the famous sport of Egypt?

The famous sport of Egypt was javelin throw. Cave paintings were found in ancient parts of Egypt proving that.

When was sports invented in ancient Greece?

Sport was not invented in Ancient Greece at all. More in Ancient Egypt. However the first Olympic games were held around 776 BC if that's any help.