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What was the most valued weapon of the civil war?

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The most valued weapon of the Civil War to the average soldier and cavalry trooper was the Henry Repeating Rifle in 44-40 rimfire caliber. Many Union soldiers spent the equivalent of 4 months pay to privately aquire this lever action rifle. Col. Mosby of the Confederate Partisan Rangers strained every nerve to aquire these guns stealing many from the First DC Cavalry. Only 10,000 of these rifles were made during the war. They were so valuable and effective that they were carried by the bodyguards of both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.

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What was the most used weapon used in the civil war?

the musket

What was the most common civil war weapon?

The most common weapon for soldiers in the Union and the Confederacy was the musket (rifle of sorts ).

What was the most used weapon by the Union infantry during the US Civil War?

During the US Civil War one weapon was the most used one by the Union infantry. This was the 1861 Model of the Springfield rifle.

What is the most famous civil war weapon?

I dont know check a different web sight

Deadliest weapon of the civil war?


What was the most valuable weapon during the Civil War?

it was the mini ball IMPROVEMENT The repeating rifles and carbines.

How many weapon were used in the civil war?


What are civil war words that start with w?


What was the most powerful weapon used in the civil war?

BB guns like m16 m4A1 And pedro for a cannon

What was the lightest weapon used in the American Civil War?


What type of civil war weapon is a tin can on a shingle?

USS Monitor

What was the Civil War mostful weapon?

Canons, muzzle loader, and revolvers

What was the first weapon to be shot and start the civil war?

A rifle, i supose

What crop played an important weapon during the civil war?


What Civil War had the most casualties?

Civil War

What were the weapon advantages of the Civil war?

The Union held the advantage by a wide margin.

What state has the most civil war sites?

Virginia had the most Civil War battles.

Which war had the most deaths for US soldiers?

the civil war the civil war

What is a firearm that was used in the Civil War?

The most widely used weapon used in the American Civil War was the percussion cap musket. Other weapons included flintlock muskets, various cannons, and mussle loading single-action revolvers.

What was Lincoln's hidden weapon during the civil war?

He invented the ak 47 in 1806

Why was the Civil War the most important battle in the war?

The Civil War WAS the war, not an individual battle.

What is the most gory war?

Civil war is the most gory war.

What modern weapon was introduced during the civil war?

A number of weapons were introduced during the Civil War. Rifled artillery, invented during the 1840s, was developed to the point of being useful and first deployed to effect in the Civil War. Most, but not all, of these were muzzle loaded. Breachloading rifles with brass cartridges were first used for warfare in the Civil War. Repeating Rifles were also first introduced in the Civil War. The Civil War was the first conflict in which revolvers loaded with brass cartridges were used.

What was the most decisive battle of the civil war?

The battle that was the most decisive of the Civil War was the battle of Antietam.

What were the most common punishments used in the civil war?

What were the most common punishment used in the Civil War?