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by popular do you mean most widley spoken?

American and Spanish are the most common Languages in the USA.

The RAF's most widely used aircraft in WW2 was the Spitfire in various marks. In the Luftwaffe the Me 109 in it's various marks was most used

Hamlet is the most performed play. As far as I know, none have been prefoomed.

what is the most widley used internet service

Apple computers are now used worldwide. They are the most widley spread type of computers.

french italian portugese romanch spanish romainian

The sports played the most in America are football, basketball and baseball. Other popular sports are soccer, hockey, and tennis.

An Air Chief Marshal is someone who belongs to the most senior rank active in the Royal Air Force.

I'd say either a turkey or the cornucopia. The turkey is the most widley used symbol but the cornucopia is probably the better of the two

air force one is the designation given to any plane the president is on. If you mean the usual plane, it is a converted Boeing 767. The plane that holds most records for speed and time\travel is known as the SR71 Blackbird. Actually the president's usual plane is a converted Boeing 747 called a VC-25, and the SR71 Blackbird is the fasted air breathing plane, so there are other unmanned rocket powered planes that can go much faster and much higher

He was conscripted when Japan came into the war, as were most able bodied men.

The Royal Bank of Canada is leading financial institution in Canada and a growing force in countries around the world. The bank's logo, the lion and globe, is one of the most-recognized symbols in Canada.

By the Grace of God, is the most common explanation as to why a Royal family is the Royal family.

the most popular plane in the world the cessna 150/172. the most popular and succesfull commercial plane is the boeing 737.

most of the plane is made out of aluminum

The most advanced air force in the world presently is the US air force, second would be the UK's Royal Air Force as both countries co-operate technologically and miliatarily, each country shares breakthroughs with the other. This is shown in the aircraft that is used by each air force, for example the RAF use Eurofighters, these are the most technologically advanced aircraft to date.

Probably iron, since it's relatively abundant. Which is no accident, since iron is the ultimate product of normal stellar fusion.

It varies widley. Most hurricanes last in the range from a few days to a couple weeks, though some have lasted as long as a month.

It doesnt matter how much you earn because it all depends on your job in the Royal air force and which rank you are. As an NCO (non commitioned officer} you would probably earn the most at warrant officer rank and at Officer ranks it is probably one of the Air Marshals. But like i said it depends on the job you do in the air force but also the lenght of service you do.

An inclined plane allows an object to be lifted through a vertical distance using less force than is required to lift the object straight up. The shallower the angle of the inclined plane, the less force is required to raise the object. The inclined plane is a very simple machine that offers a mechanical advantage. Although the force needed to raise the object is reduced, the force needs to move through a longer distance. Therefore, it takes the same amount of energy to raise the object . In fact, as there is always an amount of friction, it will actually take more energy to lift that simply lifting it straight up. The most common example of an inclined plane is a ramp used to raise vehicles to a higher level.

As liquid flows on an inclined surface there will be frictional force between the bottom most layer and the surface of inclined plane. More over there will be a friction between the successive layer of the liquid. This is termed as viscous force.

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